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Mistborn: The Well of Ascension

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Chapter 22.


  • Having "OreSeur" jump out like that to startle Ham so he would flare pewter was pretty ingenious. Brandon is an amazing writer.
  • History time!
  • And now history time is over. Those few pages definitely made "OreSeur" seem more Human. And also confirms that he will be a Good Guy. At least I hope he will.
  • Yay! Sazed finally got to Luthadel! Now maybe he can start doing more important work.

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Chapter 23.


  • It is really nice to see the main characters communicate. I don't get enough of that from WoT.
  • The way that Allrianne was dressed and the way she talked makes me believe that she is definitely spying for Cett. And from her saying she heard voices confirms that Allrianne is a tineye.
  • Now I am starting to like Sazed again, I guess I just found it irritating with him being away from the action. Now I enjoy reading from his PoV again.
  • Oh no... the way the the story is going Sazed and Tindwyl will fall in love and seem like they will live happily ever after. But I worry now. Will Tindwyl die? It makes a good plot device to have her killed off. I don't think so, Brandon does not look like one that kills off characters like that. Except Kelsier... now that has me worried again... Argh! I am going to see if I can start going into overdrive to speed up my reading. I need to know!


Chapter 24.


  • It really would be awesome for Zane to become a good guy. I am hoping that he will. But I suspect he will die. :sad:
  • What Zane says here isn't true, the passage reads,
    "It's interesting," he said, turning the coin in his fingers. "Many Mistborn stop
    seeing the value in coins. To us, they simply become something to be used for
    jumping. It's easy to forget the value of something when you use it so often. When
    it becomes commonplace and convenient to you. When it becomes... just a tool."
    Vin has many times said that her instincts tell her to not waste coins. Because when she was on the streets even a clip was worth a fortune. I am curious as to why Vin doesn't make mention of this. Although I guess I cannot see a good way to write that...


Chapter 25.


  • Allrianne does play the idiot very well. Of course it is fairly easy to see through that to who she really is.
  • I wonder why Tindwyl is acting so nice to Vin... doesn't make any sense to me...
  • Ah, I just got my answer to my previous question.
  • Strange to see Vin willing taking Kelsier's place as a religious icon.
  • Wow, that was one pathetic excuse for a defense. Of course it obviously will get better, they have to stop the real attack don't they? I am thinking that the battle that really will happen will probably end with something to the effect of the gates almost falling and then someone will defeat the attackers.


Now me am off to bed. I's be whooped right now. "Good night Seattle!".

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i think the difference is vin was raised on the street. most other mistborn would be nobles and see money as less important.

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Chapter 26.


  • I do not know when it happened but Elend is now my favorite character. Although I still think Kelsier is better.
  • It seems like Elend wasn't the only one to see the wisdom of keeping Obligators.
  • Right now it is pretty obvious to me that Straff was expect Elend to do that. After all "OreSeur" listened to most of Elend's meetings so whatever "OreSeur" knows, Straff knows. The only way I see for this to turn to Elends favor is to switch tactics. Be forceful and start demanding thing. Or at least I think that's what he should do, it could easily hold disaster though.

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I apologize for not posting, the power has been out for two days. But now I got power, I got internet and I have over a dozen chapters done with notes. I will post a few of them later tonight.

Edited by -ZanMgt- OneNight

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Chapter 27.


  • I suspect the "treaty" is a lie, but who knows what Straff would have done in the weeks he has been there.
  • At last Elend finally realizes how he must deal with straff. Took him long enough, and if you think about it he should have expected Straff to act like this since he knows he likely has spies in all of his meetings.
  • I do hope that Straff does not become an ally. I despise him to much to stand that.
  • I really like Zane's character. Similar to Marsh in the first book. Which by the way I hate that Marsh is turning evil. I thought he was a cool dude.
  • I hope that Vin never acts like Zane says she should act, she is better than that and she knows it. Better yet I hope she finds a way to turn Zane to their side. (The Good Guys.)
  • I am really looking forward to the Vin-Zane confrontation. I just hope that Zane doesn't die from it. Although with Atium it is unlikely that he will.
  • HA! I expected such, I really do like Elends character. But I find him to be slightly retarded to give the Assembly power to dispose him before he secure and stabilized his rule in the Central Dominance.


Chapter 28 notes are missing... Sorry. :blush:

Edited by -ZanMgt- OneNight

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Chapter 29.


  • I just had a thought, I don't believe that the kandra dog "OreSeur" has talked to anyone else but Vin. Is it possible that Vin is simply imagining that the dog is speaking? It makes sense. She was the one who told Elend that the kandra is now the dog and I don't think the dog ever spoke to Elend. Just a thought. BTW I am tired right now so I can get away with crazy thoughts and there ain't nothing you can do about it.
  • Yay! Vin finally realized what the Deepness was! Only took her a couple months.


That's it for today. But I do have a question, do they ever stop saying, "Lord Ruler"? I do not mean when they are actually talking about the Lord Ruler, I'm talking about when they say it like a curse.

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That's it for today. But I do have a question, do they ever stop saying, "Lord Ruler"? I do not mean when they are actually talking about the Lord Ruler, I'm talking about when they say it like a curse.


Nope. You have to remember that the Lord Ruler was their god. So it has become a talisman or curseword similar to when we say, "Oh God!" or "God Bless".

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Haha! :laugh: Whoops! I wrote down all the notes because I will not have the book for another 2 days, but because I did that my notes got mixed up... I lost chapter 28. And what I already posted as 28 is actually 30 :blush:. So I edited my last post and removed what is said to be 28 but is really 30 and put it into this post. Again I apologize. I do not have a clue where my 28th chapter notes are so I will not be able to edit my post to have the real notes. And I cannot go back because whatever notes I make will not be "first read" notes :sad:.


By the way all notes I put up here are notes I write as soon as I think of something. So even though I am about 10 chapters further than the one I am posting right now. The notes show what I felt and thought at that time, with only a little editing to make it more clean.


Chapter 30.


  • :huh: Chapter 10, the blurb reads,
    "Alendi's height struck me the first time I saw him.
    Here was a man who towered over others, a man who-despite
    his youth and his humble clothing-demanded respect."
    But Chapter 30, shortly after the start reads,
    "Alendi's height struck me the first time I saw him.
    Here was a man who was small of stature, but who seemed
    to tower over others, a man who demanded respect."
    Is this just a typo or proof of my theory? That something is changing records?
  • I don't think there is a thing such as The Hero of Ages anymore. I think it was made up by this "God" Zane keeps talking to.


Chapter 31.


  • Philen keeps looking to the audience, or at least wants to. So I am guessing that either Jaste or Straff is there. Or maybe someone I have not met before?
  • Elend is very wise to not address the issues of his deposition and instead doing as he would if he were still King.
  • I do not know if it is wise to rely on Kelsier for support. After all, why would the noblemen care for Kelsier? He killed many of them and has reduced their standing in the world. And as for the merchants. I do not think the give a crap about the Survivor.
  • Wow, I was not expecting Cett of all people to be there. Philen is actually very smart for bringing Cett. The votes will be split due to fear. I do not believe that Cett will win however I do think that Elend will have to do something he does not to win the crown. Such a shame though, all this time he has remained a completely good guy. Hate to see what he will be forced to do.


Chapter 32.


  • Interesting, Cett is a Mistborn? That is a interesting twist. Although I would rather wish he was not. Too many Mistborns right now.


Chapter 33.


  • What a nice religion. The complete annihilation of the Human race. Seriously though, the kandra aren't a very imaginative race are they?
  • Demoux? Could I really have been wrong all this time? Could "OreSeur" really be just OreSeur? And not the impostor? Can't be, Vin must be wrong.


Chapter 34.


  • I wonder if Zane is going to attempt to convert Vin again in this chapter. I think it is the perfect time for it, with her thinking that her relationship with Elend is done. Tired of being used as "the knife" and is tempted to join Zane.
  • Guess not...


Chapter 35.


  • You know, Straff and Cett really are fools for dismissing Vin as they do. They know that she very most likely is the one who killed the Lord Ruler. So why do they dismiss her? The most powerful Mistborn alive?

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Ahhh, finally got done reading Towers of Midnight. I will now continue to post tonight.


By the way, Towers of Midnight is now possibly, my most favorite book in WoT. I am not sure though. I just do not exactly have one favorite.

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Chapter 36.


  • So far I am enjoying this chapter on Breeze very much. I certainly hope there is more chapters from his PoV.
  • I suspected Allriane was a Misting. Now it is proven to me. Now that I know for certain I now believe for a fact that she is working as a spy for Cett.
  • That was unexpected, I never thought that Demounx had joined the Church of the Survivor. Very interesting.


Chapter 37.


  • I cannot think of anything to speak of in this chapter.


Chapter 38.


  • Of all things I thought would happen in the voting, I did not expect a assassination attempt on all of the candidates. I think this was Zane's plan to "kill" Vin without really killing her.
  • Brandon's fight scenes better than just about any other book I have read.
  • Wow, Vin just ran her finger through a thugs eye. That is a weird visual... and rather sickening.
  • Another wow. Vin just ran her head through a thugs. Another disturbing and sickening visual.
  • Elend was fool to allow that law to be incorporated into the rest of them, no member should be allowed to change his vote. Ever. Period. Question mark?


Chapter 39.


  • Penrod joined Straff?! When did this happen? I never got a hint that this would happen. I don't know if I like that or if I am irritated I was not able to even suspect that this would occur.
  • I just had a funny thought. What if the "poison" Straff feels is just his imagination? I know it is a crazy theory but I am tired so I am entitled to some insanity :biggrin:.


Chapter 40.


  • Ohhhhh so that is the kandra weakness; Massive soothing. I wonder if... nah I don't think Vin could use it for testing. It would severely weaken the emotional state of any she tried it on.


Chapter 41.


  • I believe that message that Kwann wrote was supposed to go something like,
    "He must not give up the power at the Well of Ascension."
    Not the other way around. I hope that Vin see's the wisdom of not releasing the power. I fear that it would probably release this "God" that keeps speaking to Zane.
  • You know, I just realized two things, first off that out of all the books I have ever read, Elend is one of my most favorite. Among him are people like, The Mule, Grand Admiral Thrawn (To a lesser degree but I still like him.) and of course Narg :myrddraal:. Second is the fact that Brandon is such a good writer that I spoke about some of the characters as if they were real. That requires amazing talent. Just proving even further that Brandon is a BRILLIANT writer.

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Chapter 42.


  • It may be wise for Elend to try and move the Skaa back into their old buildings but I foresee problems with this. I believe that one of Elend's opponents will attempt to discredit Elend further by relating him to the old noblemen. Because he is trying to get them out of the "Noble" houses. But of course the main characters will find a way to reverse it right back on the accuser and gain more support for them from the Skaa.
  • Elend reminds me of a Brainball. He's got a lot of brains, and a lot of chutzpah. With just a hint of insanity. Seriously. Who would ever go to a camp full of unpredictable Koloss as Elend is doing?
  • Man, Elend just quickly and efficiently knocked out those guards. And then stabbed and threatened Jastes to his face in his camp full of Koloss... Elend is almost as bad%#$ as Kelsier!
  • :excl::ohmy::excl: Good lord! Now Elend, who is not even a Misting, only carrying only a dagger has attacked a frickin' Koloss?! Forget almost as bad*^$ as Kelsier, Elend just left Kelsier in the dust!
  • Where could Jastes possibly get the money to pay the Koloss?


Chapter 43.


  • Well that's that, Vin has finally joined the dark side. I wonder how she will come out of it and how she might bring Zane out as well?
  • That Wellen guy is one lucky son of a...
  • I have only one problem with this chapter. How is it that Vin is so good? It just happens to be that Vin, The Hero of Ages, is a amazing fighter? Just by happenstance? I hope that this is explained.


Chapter 44.


  • With Cett's army gone... Elend is in for a world of hurt. I try to think of how he can defeat both armies but nothing is coming. The only possible outcomes I see are the Terris people suddenly showing up and helping defend Luthadel which would be gay. Or Luthadel will be crushed. The second possibility of course will not happen because books do not end like that.
  • I am still not convinced that the Well of Ascension is to the north. I believe it is in Luthadel.

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Chapter 46.


  • Yay! Another Breeze chapter! I hope this one is as good as the last Breeze chapter.
  • Breeze is a Noble?! I guess I should have realized by now with the way he acts but I guess I took what I knew about him for granted and never really thought about who he is... I shall try and pay more attention to the characters to try and catch things like this. But yeah, Breeze being a Noble really clears things up for me.
  • The ending is starting to form better in my mind. I believe that, with this new information that Elend and Vin will leave, the end will most likely happen with Luthadel under attack. Elend and Vin are gone, "OreSeur", Allriane, Tindwyl and Spook with them. They will return before the end (minus Allriane who will either be dead or have joined Cett) to turn the tides and save all the rest of the crew members while they are holed up inside of Hastings Castle. Afterward Vin will finally reach the Well where the Mist Phantom will try and get Vin to take the power instead of releasing it and once Vin figures that out will finally become The Hero of Ages, with the power of the Well of Ascension at her hands.
  • That was a very simple, basic and crappy assassination attempt. Straff needs to learn how to deal with Mistborn better if he wants to live.


Chapter 47.


  • This seems to be the chapter where the Zane-Vin confrontation finally happens! I hope Zane joins the Good Guys...
  • Awwww, Zane is staying evil. I think he would have made a interesting messed up good guy.
  • Huh, out of all the things I thought had happened on the day that TenSoon switched with OreSeur, I did not expect that TenSoon would have killed him... It just seems that Kandra would not kill each other.
  • Heh, so Soothing is a form of mind control. So I guess that Breeze was wrong, saying that it wasn't "invasive".
  • Vin's solution to the Atium problem is just one of the ways that Atium can be defeated I'm sure. I wonder how many times this same move will be repeated in the next book?
  • Noooo, TenSoon is leaving! That's a shame. Oh well. I know I will probably see him again in the next book.


Chapter 48.


  • Interesting time to have a wedding ceremony. Right in the middle of having your wounds taken care of seems like an odd time to decide that you want to me married.
  • Sazed is pretty good at lying to their faces to get them to leave. It seems odd though seeing as how just a chapter or so ago Sazed was acting much like Elend did when he tried to do something dishonest.
  • End of part four. Beginning of part five. Ten chapters and an epilogue to go.

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Chapter 49.


  • That happened rather fast. The party that was meant to be five has been reduced to three in a matter of minutes. I thought for sure that Tindwyl would go with them. But I guess she needs to be there at the last second to save Sazed or something.
  • Ham was wondering what the smoke was that was rising in the Koloss camp. If the tents could not make that much smoke then there is only one answer. The Koloss have discovered what the fake coins are made out of and started burning all them. So the way I see it. The Koloss are moments away from attacking.
  • So now there is going to be an evil, insane, drug addict for a main enemy. Seems a little simple to me. It is too easy to hate Straff. He needs more realism to me, something to make him a good-bad guy. So that he is not standard evil as most enemies are.


Chapter 50.


  • It seems rather simple that Allrianne would act just like... I forget her name... She was in the last book, she acted really dumb but was actually gathering intelligence and selling it, or demanding to be paid to keep silent, to Nobles that would use it against their rivals... What ever her name was, it just seems lazy to have Allrianne act just like whats-her-name.


Chapter 51.


  • How and why would Jastes be following Elend? I would have expected him to be gutted as soon as the Koloss realized that they had been lied to. And why Elend of all people? Surely Jastes doesn't expect Elend to think that Jastes could be forgiven?
  • Ohhh, so they did not realize that the coins were fake. I had assumed that the Koloss had found that the coins were wood and started attacking Jastes. This clears up some things.
  • Personally I think that Spook is right to not have wanted to go back. As far as he knows the Koloss will kill everyone.

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Chapter 52.


  • Vin's idea with the horse shoes should work but one wrong pull with the horseshoe getting stuck on a tree and she would fall.


Chapter 53.


  • :blink: Wow. Brandon just killed Clubs... I did not expect Sanderson would kill anyone. That really sucks though, I liked Clubs character. But I guess complaining won't get me anywhere. Even though it does REALLY REALLY suck I am glad that Brandon was willing to kill of a character in this battle. Bravo!
  • :excl: :excl: :excl: GOOD GOD! Dockson is dead! And it has only been one page from Clubs death!! I have no delusions anymore. I now believe that Brandon is armed and dangerous, ready to kill as he sees fit!
  • And on top of Club's and Dockson's death, Breeze has gone mental! I guess I should be thankful though for Ham, only having a wounded arm, and Sazed making it out alive... I hope.


Chapter 54.


  • That would be very useful, mind-controlling Koloss? With that she could do a lot of damage. I am very glad that, as far as I can tell, this will end with Vin using the Koloss to defeat the Koloss and Straff instead of suddenly finding a new metal all of the sudden. Or something like the disciples of the Church of the Survivor suddenly become super soldier and kill all of their enemies.
  • Another death! Such a shame, Tindwyl was a pretty great character... I wonder what psychological effects this will have on Sazed though...


Chapter 55.


  • Yay! Straff is dead! Finally someone who deserved their death!
  • Another surprise, I would not have expected Allrianne to be a good. I thought didn't think that she was evil, but I did not think that she would actually intentionally help Elend, or any of the good guys besides Breeze.
  • I guess Cett is really a semi-good man after all. That is quite a surprise. Of course after all the rest of these surprises this doesn't shock me too much.
  • FINALLY! Vin did as she should have long ago and force the enemy leaders into submission!

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Chapter 56.


  • That Mist phantom is definitly getting desperate if it is willing to show itself to Elend. I wonder what the Mist phantom will do now in it's desperate state to keep Vin from releasing the power?
  • Wow, the main characters cannot catch a break! First several main characters die, Luthadel in ruins, every other Dominance is in anarchy and now the Terris people lost the Synod, almost all of the Keepers, many other innocent Terrismen and lost their country. They have a lot of work to do in the next book.


Chapter 57.


  • It is nice to see stability in Elend's government finally. With Penrod, Cett and Janarle actually working together without trying to plot against the other from fear of Vin's power. They seem to work well together.
  • I also like them constantly calling Vin empress and Elend Emperor. I do not know why exactly all I know is that it seems to fit.
  • Hmm, that's rather convenient. To have both food and Atium in abundance under Kredik Shaw? Just after the battle when food is required and Atium would be useful to help secure Elend's rule. I think that Brandon should not have done this.
  • Marsh? I actually completely forgot about him, I wonder what he is doing in Kredik Shaw...
  • I knew it! Marsh is a bad guy, probably is listening to the "God" that was talking to Zane.


Chapter 58.


  • That Marsh and Sazed fight is one of the best fight scenes I have read. I wish their could be more Feruchemist and Mistborn fights but I think it is extremely unlikely :sad:.
  • ! I was wrong?! I thought the Phantom was something good! Trying to help Elend and Vin... I can't believe that the Phantom attacked Elend... It just doesn't make sense.
  • Although, now that I think about it with the Phantom attacking Elend, wouldn't that make Vin want to take the Power? Maybe I was not wrong after all...
  • ... Not good, Vin's thoughts are going away from taking the power...
  • Wow, I guess I know what the next book will be about... Trying to defeat a power that could change the world? That will be tough.


Chapter 59.


  • OH COME ON!! I can't believe that Brandon made Elend a Mistborn! I liked it better when there were many characters that were weaker, but still powerful, like Elend. Now... Wait a second... Marsh was a... I forgot what it was called. Whatever the Bronze burning people were called. Anyway Marsh was one of these people and became a Mistborn when he joined the Inquisitors. And Elend had been tested and was not a Allomancer at all. And now he is a Mistborn... Sooooo, can I has that metal that Elend swallowed? Pwease?




  • It is nice to finally have confirmation on a lot that I speculated on before.
  • All done! I am now done with Mistborn: The Well of Ascension.


Now I have a question for any readers of this thread. Do you wish me to do another "Journal" of my first read through of Mistborn: The Hero of Ages? If there are no replies then I will not start another thread for the next book. I will of course read the book either way, I just want to know if anyone cares to see my first read of it.


Closing notes on this book, even though I did not like the fact that an abundance of food and Atium was conveniently found now that they have to deal with the Deepness times ten. As well as the Mistborn creating metal suddenly found and Elend becoming a Mistborn. Despite all these things I really did like this book. Especially when Brandon killed off all those characters. It shows that he wants to make a realistic story where anyone could die.


P.S. I wish that Zane and Marsh could have been good.

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To all: I am glad that you all have enjoyed it, and I will do another for the next book.


To Palarran (Where have I heard that name before?): I have not read the last book, (I actually don't even have it yet). I just got done with The Well of Ascension today. So when I do post my notes, it will be from a fresh, first-reader perspective.

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Great, looking forward to it.


Just as a note, Marsh did not become a mistborn when he became an inquisitor. All will be made clear in the next book.

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Oh, I thought he did. I mean I know that the Metal Elend swallowed probably gave him his Mistborn abilities so I guess I just assumed that Marsh, after he became a Inquisitor, got one of those Metals as well.


Speaking of the next book, I will not start posting for the next book for probably a week, I got a lot of stuff that needs doing for a while so I will have no time for reading. As soon as I have time though I will begin.


By the way Palarran, two things. First off, did you just make up that name or is a character from a movie/book/history/mythology? Second, great job in getting me hyped for the next book without revealing anything.


Which actually brings me to another thing. Thank all of you very much for keeping your posts spoiler free. I really appreciate it.

Edited by -ZanMgt- OneNight

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