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  1. IIRC, Faile wasn't even rescued in CoT, we had to wait for KoD. I think if one was reading CoT as part of a 14 book series, back to back to back, it would be OK. Waiting two years for it, and then two more years for KoD, it really wasn't acceptable, especially after I had already been waiting fifteen years.
  2. I'll go out on a limb, and probably will get flamed on this board, and say that I liked what BS did with the last three novels. I felt that RJ's writing was getting turgid, and the plots were going stale. I, a long time fan from '92, who has reread the series at least a dozen times, was starting to get tired of how things were dragging out. CoT was really a huge letdown; I was disappointed by books 7-9, but 10 really was a problem. KoD was an improvement, but I think that if Jordan had remained healthy it would have still taken him at least five books to finish everything. BS took what he was given and wrapped things up nicely in three. I like what he did with the characters; and I'm glad that all of the friends that I've spent twenty years with have been given a good ending. I think he did a very good job overall, and I'm glad that it is complete.
  3. My guess as far as Shara is that D basically had to level the place to gain full control. Yes, they started with a lot of channellers, but most of them were not DF; and when it comes down to it, most people are willing to fight and die rather than side with the DO. Along with normal sectionalism, I can see that he really needs to kill lots of people to solidify his rule.
  4. 2. One possible advantage I see to individuals channelling is that it creates a lot more weaves heading towards the enemy at one time. More weaves than one person can deal with, as the human brain can only process so much information at once.
  5. You're right; the light just needs to send three channellers with an escort, maybe 200 people tops, and Caemlyn is gone. Elane was already willing to burn the city to the ground to get the trollocs out, so this isn't any different, and no one has to fight. I disagree that they felt the number of trollocs was infinite. It was clearly stated in multiple places that the dark had nearly emptied the waste of shadowspawn in order to conduct the invasion. While the light was outnumbered maybe 20:1 in total numbers of bodies, the number of shadowspawn they needed to destroy was not infinite. With what should have been an advantage of 3:1 or so in channellers (WO + WF + AS + Kin + AM + SD = many thousands), that was the light's ace in the hole.
  6. The logical thing to do would be to have Rand (because Egwene and Logain probably couldn't agree on which of them should do it) lead a full circle w/ everyone using the strongest sa'angreal/angreals available, and nuke Caemlyn. Don't balefire it, just nuke it. Poof, one army gone. This will probably draw out Damendred, and Rand would be anticipating this. A plan would need to be in place to deal with him. But if he doesn't come out, simply rinse and repeat. The light really did have all of the advantages here, and they threw them all away. But, it is a theme of the series that people do really stupid things and don't see obvious solutions, so I'll go with it. It was a good read.
  7. This would be a good thing to ask during Q&A.
  8. I agree that the Light's strategy was very bad. From their perspective the situation was thus: The enemy had divided their forces into three. You have interior lines, plus instantaneous travel. Your enemy cannot use instantaneous travel, and must rather walk. You're willing to go full on Stalin with a scorched earth policy. Therefore the light can easily create overwhelming superiority on any one front, and defeat the dark in detail. The light clearly should have formed up all of their military power at one point, and gone and defeated each army in succession. Victory would have been nearly assured, rather than a close run thing, and losses, while still severe, would have been much less. Mat should have been in charge from the beginning. :)
  9. My handle is an obscure Tolkien reference. It means "Far-Wanderer" in elvish, and is the name of a ship mentioned in Unfinished Tales.
  10. Great, looking forward to it. Just as a note, Marsh did not become a mistborn when he became an inquisitor. All will be made clear in the next book.
  11. Yes, I have enjoyed it. Have you already read the final book?
  12. I strongly disagree. A primary theme of this series is balance: Male/female, good/evil, Creator/DO. Take away the balance, either way, and things go badly. Rand wants to restore the balance that existed before the bore was drilled, with neither the Creator or the DO having direct influence on the world. There has been no indication from the text that he desires to kill, remove, or in any way destroy the DO. If he did, he certainly wouldn't have destroyed the CK. Even with the CK I don't think it would have been possible.
  13. The only thing I'd add is that we always need to rememember that in the WOT the past also is the future. So it isn't necessarily hard to see, as the columns could be showing Avi what happened on the previous turning of the Wheel.
  14. Speaking of Noal/Jain, was he a darkfriend who repented, or was he someone used/compelled by the dark?
  15. Yeah, but there are seven ages. If Rand fully seals the prison, that means that there are about 18 thousand years between now and the next War of Power. Technology is apparently gained and lost throughout the ages, so to keep the knowledge of the DO alive for that long is practically impossible. I agree that having a good end to the present Third Age will help set Team Light up well for the next Last Battle. But I think that the system may be specifically set up to give the DO a fighting chance during each War of Power and TG.
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