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Moiraine's purpose

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Overpowering soul odor for them to get high off of as a result of all the places he's been?


Actually, with many feeling Noal is still being controlled by the Dark, I wonder how they would freak out if they felt the DO in him.

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I have one small problem with this topic and that's the question of will Moiraine ever see Rand again. The letter for Rand that he read after she had fallen through the doorway in the Fires of Heaven, there is a quote that says she knows nothing else of the situation after she is gone, except maybe one small thing which does not concern him. This is of course her rescue by Thom, Mat, and Noal. But even if this rescue attempt is successful, and she meets up with Rand again later, wouldn't she somehow have broken one of the three oaths, for we know that an Aes Sedai can't write a lie any more than she can speak one. Meeting up with Rand again would in one way or antoher concern him. Just my thought on an odd paradox.

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It's not a lie to admit you don't know what's going to happen in the future. That's just common sense.


Moiraine has been in there a good long while - she's definitely got some new skillz, info or gadgets/ awesome angreal to bring to the party.

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