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  1. I don't see how that rules her out. She may be weaker than she was but she's still Forsaken strength, so if Nynaeve can handle it then certainly she could.
  2. Doubtful. Why draw the Ogier to size and then draw Rand short? Here he is only slightly taller than Moiraine or Nynaeve, who are both very short.
  3. For example, myself and Nightstrike's father.
  4. What are you, Dr F***ING PHIL??
  5. I say when Sweet dies, instead of going straight to Hell as he deserves he will simply find himself reborn with the unlikely/unfortunate condition of having the sum of all his WOT covers being tattooed on his body.
  6. This http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OqfWJ8mlTI#t=37
  7. Obviously he was able to draw it through his connection with Semirhage and not Moridin.
  8. I don't understand how the F*** this is possible. If you are a professional book cover artist, how F***ing long is it going to take you to read one single book? Any of these books could be read in a couple days by most people. F**** Whelan right in his trolloc *****
  9. Apples will be used to feed the bats necessary to produce mountains of turds Aludra's dragons need.
  10. I wonder if this will tie in Verin's little red book of translation, the tome containing the key to unlock all the knowledge she acquired.
  11. Actually no, he was starting to act more calmly. Tam jumping off script made it super-dramatic, but it was working before that--and in a much safer manner. She didn't see Tam would jump off script. That was a mistake on her part. But the plan was working, and did work. That's an inarguable point and I'm not sure why you would make it, the shock of how it did play out to Rand is the catalyst in the story, and there is nothing that supports the idea that another 5 minutes of script reading would've resulted in any more than a bandaid for a few days. Also I simply cannot see how RJ would have written this entire series if one of the most important and personal events came down to Rand's father bs'ing with someone elses script. Too contrived and cynical.
  12. What? Rand didn't get to the part where he confronted his own darkness until Tam jumped off her script. Then she gives him a saidar straight jacket because father and son didn't follow her plan the way she wanted. She was accidently successful the way Elaida was accidently successful before being raised Amyrlin.
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