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Another new wanderer :)


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Hello there. ^^


It's nice to meet you all. I am currently on book 5 and loving it, though Rand is starting to come off as a bit whiny at the moment. :D I had stopped by to register while the forums were under maintenance, so some of you may have seen me in the community boards before this.


Some of the things I love most about the series so far are:

The Aiel (Come on....warrior women always rock! :D)

The stories about Ogier groves



Brown Ajah

Tough Two Rivers folk

The whole idea of life cycles and the wheel


There is such a wealth of interwoven folklore within the series. I even recognize some real folklore changed and re-molded in there I think. Regardless I am totally hooked. :)


Anyway aside from my current WOT obsession I am a poet, photographer, writer (mainly nonfiction for magazines and websites), amateur local historian, and a bit of a geek (And proud of it thank you XD LOL) Nice to meet everyone and looking forward to reading more on the forums.

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Welcome to the Mount!


Looks like you are making yourself at home already, its always good to see new people around these parts.


If you have any questions feel free to PM me and ask and I shall respond asap, or you can ask it here and I will respond, or others will respond.


Though, you you are into writing I would suggest perhaps looking around the Roleplaying area, it might not be non-fiction but its always a good read and fun to write.


Hope to see you around!

Have fun Storming the Mount!

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Thanks for the welcomes. Winter, I am honored to be greeted by wolfkin. ;) Yep, I think so far I’ve found my way around the forums.


I’m no stranger to RP in general although I have never been in a WOT RP, so I may go check out those boards too. ^^


O-O Is there an Illuminators Org around here? I was browsing through the different orgs last night.


Oh and one more question please. Can you only join one org, and can you pop in and visit the main forums of other orgs to stay and chat? Many thanks! ^^


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The Illuminators is what we also call the Artists, Crafters, and Writers Guild

Org :) And you can join as many of the orgs as you'd like Poet. I msyelf am in the WT Social Group, The Band, The Aiel, and the Illuminators (Come visit me in any of them sometime!). So really its all about what your interested in and what people you get along with.  8)

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