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Good Evening.


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Hello all! Um... I'm Andrew, AlannaLynn's older brother by two years, making me 20. (I checked out her newbie post to get an idea of what to say.) I've been reading WoT LONG before her, and it was actually me who introduced her to the series. Took me three tries I think.  ::)


I TOLD YOU you'd like them. HA!


My favorite characters are Rand, Mat, Egwene, and Faile- though I am reading the entire series over again to catch myself up before I read the newest book in the series. I just can't bring myself to do it any other way. So my favorites are subject to change as I get to know them all once more.


Alanna just told me about this forum, or I probably would have been here earlier to check it out. Glad to be here now though.  :)

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Not talking me out of it. I'm sure I'll remember.


My like for Egwene right now though is based purely on the spoiler information about her I shamelessly wringed from a fellow WoT fan on a different forum and her actions in the book I have yet to read.


She apparently kicks... a word I won't use 'cause I haven't read the rules regarding language yet. And probably won't.  ;D


Oh- and because you posted as I was writing this: Thank you and Hello Winterwinds.

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Hey Andrew. Welcome to DM. Glad to see that Alanna's older brother can join.


I am Dahmir, Yellow Brother of the Yellow Ajah and a sitter there too. I am also the chef there at the Sunflower Cafe we have over there so hop on over when you get the chance. You'll get bunch of wonderful goodies.


*gives Andrew lemon meringue pie and lemonade*


I hope you enjoy DM!  ;D

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