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Aiel role in last battle.


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They are The People of the Dragon and he is of there blood.  I was thinking that they play central role in the whole thing.


The Jenn Aiel gave Rand Rhuiden and the AoL stash.


The Aiel are Rands strongest and most loyal military.


The question that comes into play what will the Traveling people bring to the table.  I have a feeling the song will come into play in some way.  My notion is that the way of the leaf is going to play a major role.



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I think the song wil lbe revealed soon, and the Tuathaan will play supporting roles, such as mending armour growing food, creating clothes, etc.


The aiel will be destroyed in the last battle due to them being on the front lines. And i have the feeling rand will send rhuarc and the Taardad to assist Lan

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