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Approved WT bio for Chaelca - cc'd by the wolfkin


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Character Name : Chaelca Dasso


Email address : egwene_alvere@hotmail.com


Division : WT


Physical Description : Chaelca is medium sized, 5'5" tall and is quite slender. She is olive skinned and has green eyes in almond shape. Her hair is dark brown, waist long and a bit curly. She often let them loose but sometimes braids them. She has a little scar cutting her left eyebrow.Her face is heart shaped, she has full lips and a thin pointy nose. She's also proud of small hands with long fingers.


Place of Birth/Raising : Ebou Dar


Age : 17


Character History : Chaelca was born in Ebou Dar. Her mother is a real Ebou Dari woman and her father an Andoran sailman the woman fell in love with(that can explain her green eyes). Unfortunately, Chaelca 's father scared by the Ebou Dari customed ran away a couple of days after having met her mother. She has no brothers nor sisters but as she lives with her mother and her aunt and uncle she has been accustomed to live with children. Her 4 cousins are younger than she and she has always loved taking care of them.


Knowing that her father was a foreigner sailman, Chaelca has always wanted to travel and maybe find him. When she was 12 she had already tried to run away from her house and sneak in a boat going to Andor but she was discovered by her mother in time. Of course, Chaelca had no clue about who her father can be at that time and she still has none. One of the things that makes Chaelca want to travel so much is also the fact that she doesn't like the place where she lives as she's living in one of the worse place of Ebou Dar.


She has few friends. People didn't like her mother much as she had only one child ,and only a girl so it was not easy for Chaelca to make friends.


Chaelca has been workin since her 13 birthday for her aunt and uncle in their inn. She was lucky to be able to read as she has been taught by one of the patron who went in the tavern everyday when she was a child.


One day as she was talking to one of her few friend at a fountain next to her house about how she wanted to discover the world, she's noticed by a sister of the white tower who feels that she has the ability to channel. The aes sedai immediately asked her if she wanted to come with her to the White Tower. At first she grew excited but as she was on her way to her house she changed her mind. She is scared to leave her family. After lots of talk with her mother (who has always been in awe about all that was linked to the white tower) she's convinced her to go.


So when a few days after she met the aes sedai at the fountain, she answered she'll come and she ran to pack some of her dresses and her books. She cried a lot saying goodbye to her family and promised to come back to see her cousins as fast as possible

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