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Approved White Tower Bio for Ishara Tolen--CCd by BT


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Name: Ishara Tolen


Age: 19


Nationality: Tear






Hair: Black


Eyes: Green


Skin: Tanned


Height: 5'2"


Voice: Soft, light










Special Skills: Fishing


Knowledge Weakness: None


Physical Weakness: None


Personality weakness: Quick tempered








Due to her height many quickly disregarded her as capable of very much. Continually being overlooked has caused her to feel that she has to demand attention and her temper quickly flairs up when she feels that she is not being listened to. Very opinionated and under the impression that she is rarely wrong, but overall she is kind hearted and tries to do the right thing. She believes that everyone should have good ethics and cannot stand those who are cruel, break the law or are just generally bad. She abhors Darkfriends, even at her young age. She hates being the butt of any joke and hates being laughed at or mocked or even teased, but she eventually forgives anyone who offended her, assuming it was in good fun or course. Fiercely stubborn she won't abandon anything she has put her mind too easily and would need great convincing to change her mind. This also carries into her studies; she won't stop learning anything for any reason and will only stop once she feels that she has fully grasped the concept. She is fascinated with history and has secretly harboured ambitions of having her name recorded in the annals of history.








               Ishara Tolen was born to a Tairen fisher family. Her father is the 3rd in a generational line of fishermen. She was born into a family of 7, her two parents, an older sister, two older brothers and one younger brother. Though her father is a very talented fisher, fierce competition has found their family often living hand to mouth eating a lot of the unsold fish before it has spoiled. This has prompted a very strong disdain of fish and would anything over fish. Due to the financial state of her family in Tear everyone is expected to help out and contribute to the rest of the family in some way. But because of her small size, and having two older brothers, she has rarely every actually joined her father on a fishing expedition. Because of the heavily mudded streets of the poor sector of Tear, and the lack of money in her family she has gone most of her life without shoes, never having had a real need of them. In fact she has grown to find herself feeling almost uncomfortable wearing slippers and goes barefoot, much to the shock and disgruntling of Sisters in the tower.


               Ishara has a fond love of reading and learning facts. She had learned to read at a very young age and loves nothing more that immersing herself in the events of heroes like Jain Farstrider or Artur Hawkwing. Her uncle had left Tear many years ago in what her father had described as 'adventuring', but came back with a fortune years later. Her uncle had offered money to her father but his pride had forbidden the very notion of it. Instead her uncle was always giving her books to read. It didn't matter what book it was, so long as it had words and you could learn something from it, or at least have a good story to tell someone. Her father always disapproved of her reading, thinking that one was far better off keeping their head out of the clouds and work hard for an honest day’s pay. Although she had tremendous respect for her father, they rarely saw eye to eye.


               Ishara was 7 when her mother died. A thief had broken into her home while her father was out fishing. The man was obviously desperate trying his hand at robbing a commoner during the daytime, but that didn't exactly help her case much. Of course, not having much to steal didn't help either. Her mother didn't back down however. Telling him that he was more than welcome to help himself to nothing didn't help his mood at all. In anger he stabbed Ishara's mother and quickly left. Ishara had seen the attack first hand at it had left her scarred and distrusting of men. After the Tairen Defenders had apprehended the thief it was discovered that he was actually a Darkfriend and was executed by hanging. Ishara had attended the display.


               Every since that day, Ishara hated anyone who broke the law. She despised those with a lack of morals, especially Darkfriends. As she grew she developed an intense view of right and wrong and a complete admiration for the works in the White Tower despite Tear's unfounded fear of the Aes'Sedai. She envisioned them as glowing examples of the hand of the light, more than likely influenced by tales straight out of the Age of Legends.


               When she was just turning 19 she had worked up the courage to run away from home and join the White Tower. In the middle of the night, she snuck aboard a river ship headed for Tar Valon. She knew the risks, but she needed to see if she had what it took to join the ranks of the legendary Aes'Sedai. After a few weeks hiding in the cargo hold she finally slipped out and walked up to the gates of Tar Valon. She stared up at the White Tower longing to bring her dream to fruition. She was tested that day and passed. She vowed to become an Aes'Sedai.

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