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New Man, Big Fan


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Hi all,


Just decided to re-read the whole series after the release of Gathering Storm.  It had been so long that I had forgoten too many facts, places, names, events, etc...and besides, after checking DM, TOR, and other websites the urge to re-immerse myself in Randland was overwhelming.  The only regret I have is that I gave away all my books including the Compendium, but at least my library has them all.  Currently about to finish the 4th book and am happy to be aboard.

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Guest Cairos

Welcome to DM! I'm Cairos Sedai! Its a pleasure to meet you. Come join us in the WT Social Section and also the Band of the Red Hand Social Section. Hope to see you around.



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Hey man, welcome to Dm!  I'm Krak and I'm the moderator over at the Entertainment Discussion Group and I'm also the leader of the Infantry over at the Band of the Red Hand Social Group.  Entertainment Discussion is pretty self-explanatory; we talk about movies, tv shows, and games.  So if multimedia entertainment is your niche, you should definitely drop by and give us your input.


Band of the Red Hand is all about music, travel, and food - everything a good soldier lives for.  We're in the middle of moving our off-site boards to DM, so it's  a little messy at the moment, but that's no reason not to drop by.  So if any of this sounds good, stop by and introduce yourself.


Enjoy DM and have a good time.

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