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If You Were Rand, Mat or Moiraine, What 3 Questions Would YOU Ask The Finns?

The Fisher King

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Just For Pretend:



If I were Mat:


1 Do I need to go home with Perrin? (Loyalty, after all, lol)


2 Do I have to be there at The Last Battle blowing The Horn for The Light to win?


3 How do I escape the effects of being ta'veren?



If I were The Dragon Reborn:


1 What must I do to win Tarmon Gaidan?


2 How can I cleanse Saidar?


3 What must I do to seal The Bore permanently?



If I were Moiraine Damodred


1 What must I do to assist The Dragon Reborn in defeating The Dark One?


2 Who will I marry?


3 Do I have to kill The Daughter of The Night for The Dragon Reborn to win?








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1. Which horse is going to win in tomorrow morning's race?

2. How can I get away from Rand?

3. What?





1. Is there a way for me to survive the Last Battle?

2. How can I defeat the Dark One?

3. How can I hold back the madness?





1. How can I control Rand?

2. What is the meaning of [mundane prophecy]?

3. Do I really have to marry Thom?

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What are you doing?

Where are you taking me?

What did I say?



When do I get to ask my questions?


Can't I have that one back?



Why aren't you people wearing more clothes, as is only proper?

Am I too single-minded a character?

Why am I so repressed?




In all seriousness, FisherKing, your list seems to be half what you would ask and half trying to figure out what they *did* ask. ...like Moiraine asking about who she would marry? I doubt that she would have wasted a question on that. (She probably knows from some other source; maybe Rhuidean.)


The questions I would ask if I were the character and knew how the gate worked:



How can I get out of my responsibility regarding the Last Battle?

If I do that, do the forces of Light lose?

In that case, how do I survive what is coming?



How do I cleanse saidin?

How do I survive the Last Battle?

How do I defeat the DO for good, so that he cannot return?



Who else is in here with me?

What did Mat ask you and what was your response?

What did Rand ask you and what was your response?




no, for Moiraine:

Who or what does Rand need that he does not have in order to ensure his victory?

What are the things that I or others around Rand can do to help him to victory?

How do we keep the Dragon sane?

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