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i'm new & i love the new book, WOAH!!

tralou sedai

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hi, so cool, a site dedicated the longest series of books I've had the pleasure of reading!

My hubby got me hooked about 11yrs ago & we have fought over who got to read the new one first ever since!

We bought volume 12 before christmas & I started re-reading the series when I heard the news of more coming out, as well as the sad news of Roberts passing.

I have just started it and i was looking for somewhere to express my happiness so far, I'm only up to chapeter 5, only been reading since Friday night, so not too bad when there's a tonne of other stuff to do! Hubby asked if I thought it read differently, & I have to say, yes it does, but not in a jarring way, it is looking true so far, I am just so excited to read a new one. I can't wait to see what is going to happen & I know i will be EXTREMELY impatient for the next ones. I guess once the darkness trilogy is done with, thats it. It makes me a little sad, but excited to finally get a conclusion on all these marvellous characters lives!

I know this is an into place, but i just have son much admiration for the series, for Robert & for Brandon to take on the mammoth task of tying up the lose ends.


walk in the light


I apologise for the corny name, but I think i would like to be aes sedai!!

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Hi and welcome to DM, i've not been here long myself.


The beauty of DM is though, if you want to be Aes Sedai, you can. I've just begun role playing with my own Novice character and there's also the White Tower social group where one can become Aes Sedai :) Have a look around, lots of fun to be had here at DM :)

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I love fresh new faces! There are a lot of fun people to talk to here, make sure you check out ALL the orgs and please join any that you are interested in! If you want some friends at the BT or WT I'm in both, just say hi! ^_^

Need help? Send me a PM! Or anyone pretty much, most people are ready and willing to answer questions! ^_^

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Welcome to DM!


I think we are probably all glad that you have found our little world here on the internet! It does look like your first trip will be to the White Tower, but do check out the rest of DM and ORGs Social Groups (ORGs and Social Groups are the same - don't get confused as the name has just changed) to see what is on offer!


Most here are friendly - some bite, some stab - and we are ready to help out any new members with their questions, queries and concerns. So ask away, and we will do our best to help.

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