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Allow me to introduce myself...


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Hello Dragonmount-folk!


When I was 12 years old I bothered my brother so much during car rides to the family cottage that one day he shoved a book in my hands and told me I wasn't allowed to talk to him until I had read it. Well, that book was tEotW and 9 years later it remains one of my favourite books, along with the 11 others in the series.


I'm really excited to become part of a group that loves the stories as much as I do. I've been lurking around the forums for the past few months and the fancy has finally struck me to join. I warn you now however, I am absolutely useless with internet stuff like forums, so I ask you to bear with me!


I'm 21, female, Canadian and currently enrolled in University studying Political Science. I am obviously interested in politics, but anything to do with travel, music, food and social justice is bound to get me talking. I have an unfortunate love for reality TV and my favourite colour is turquoise, even though everyone I know seems to think that's a lame colour.


Looking forward to getting to know you!



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travel, music, food


You sound an ideal candidate to join the Band of the Red Hand, DM's music, travel and eating out ORG! ;)


Oh, and welcome to DM! Have a good look around the site, and maybe we will see you stumble into the Campfires of the Band. But whatever you end up doing at DM, have fun - and don't forget you can ask questions here should you become lost and/or confused. :)

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