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a hello


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Well, it would seem that I am new here. Maren's my name, the hawk just makes me happy. If I could be free and fly like a hawk, I would in a heartbeat.

(stands awkwardly)

But that aside, a couple of my friends got me hooked on WoT this summer. Even though it's a touch past summer, I'm only now on the 3rd book due to some delays. It's addictive this series is. Two of my friends were arguing over which end was better- one says 6, the other says 9. I told them I'd let them know when I got there- but in the meantime- does anyone have an opinion on that?



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Hello Maren....*stabs*

I wanted to say hi before the Blue got to you ;)

You'll find out later if she is on....lol...


I am a member of Shayol Ghul, one of the Organizations (Orgs) here.

There are many, though we are the best. ;) We say hi by stabbing. :D


People will post here to help you if you have any questions.


The series is awesome, and you'll find plenty of friends here who you can discuss the books with.

But beware, if you are only on Book 3, there will be a lot of spoilers.


I really like all the books, though you will find most people cannot stand some of them (or even some of the characters).  :o


P.S. You should check out SG:

Shayol Ghul -New Members

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*pokes Edward*


Hi there!  I'm the gal that Ed is refrencing... I play a blue sister in the drpsw (which stands for: dragon reborn portal stone world) roleplaying here at Dragonmount.


If you're a fan of roleplaying you'll really enjoy interacting with our creative people here around DM.  If you're not into rp, I suggest you come check us out at least.  You may find it interests you a great deal.  AND... of course, the blue ajah is always looking for new members so please keep us in mind.  *winks*


As for the rest of the site... well, this place can be really confusing to a new person so please don't hesitate to ask for help getting involved in discussions, social activities (with our friendly org groups), or even the roleplaying side of things.  Despite their horrible image in the books... even the shayol ghul people will be glad to assit you.  Though, might I suggest the Brown Ajah for all your organizational needs here on the site.  *tempts you to visit the white tower org board with the yummy scent of fresh baked brownies!*

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