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Hi there, greets from Austria :)


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Well, what should I say about me and - what is rather more important - how should I do that?


My real name is Adam, I am 18 years old and I come from Austria - but please, do not mix it up with Australia ;) Believe me, I came across this confusing misunderstandings many times...


First of all: Excuse my English, I know it's bad. But there is no germanspeaking fanpage which would be as great as yours is. Therefore I'll try to give my best with my poor knowledge ot this language.


A few days ago I went to the library and saw "New Spring". Thank God i baught it - it is just great. I've just ordered book 1, 2 and three via amazon and I'm looking forward to reading it.

The characters Moiraine and Lan are amazing, I really love them. Hopefully I'll meet them again in the other books!


So far, it's enough about me. I hope that I'll have a good time at this board.






P.S. Fell free to point out my mistakes - I wanna improve my English :)

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Yeah, I've already realized that. If i want to keep up the suspence, I have to be very careful ^^


No, I just read New Spring, but I heard many voices saying that it's mistake to start with this book though it's a prequel.

Anyway, I'll see. But tell me - which forums are save for me ^^ ?



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Welcome fellow europeian, never mind the spelling, i have gotten away with the strangest things. I once proclaimed that i was giving birth (not in those words) when i meant to say that i was working hard. Strangest thing.


Also, join the band of the red hand and make a post named "No bandy or nasty brew, flaming shot is the drink for you".

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good idea Jimmith :wink:


and welcome Silmarillion! I hope you will enjoy your time here on DM, and dont worry about the languagething. I know people here dont mind an error now and then!


and i also want to congratulate you on your books of choice! WoT rocks my socks! hehe

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To be honest I do not know any other books of Jordan except the Wheel of Time.

And a little remark, just because I saw your writing of my nickname :) I know that Tolkien's masterpiece of literature is named "The Silmarillion", so just with one 'l'. But when I joined my first forum this name was already in use, so that's why, my nick has two double-l ^^

The shortform of Sillmarillion is Sill - so guess what kind of jokes I heard many times...


I know, I'll blame myself with the following statement, but I dind't get the sense of Jimmith's red hand sentence...



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Guest Egwene

Hello Sill!! Another one for Europe *g* ... we are definately getting stronger here 8)


Other than the two dedicated bok discussion boards, the rest of the forum should be pretty WoT free. As for the Band? What can I say... here is the link to save you looking.. http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=26


Beware... recruiting is fierce and they are rumoured to do a lot of partying... most people succumb sooner or later...lol.


I think New Spring is ok to be read at any stage... and......... *puts on her fairy godmother outfit and waves wand*...YOU SHALL SEE MOIRAINE AND LAN AGAIN!! :D


as for english (I am german *g*) my worst mistake was uttered in a pub just as there was a lull in conversation... the entire pub erupted in gales of laughter... Having it explained to me just what I had said, I went beetroot red with embarrassment!!! :oops:


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