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New BT Civilian Bio for Maicey Gurrel - CCd by a Growly One

Covai Seriba

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DM Handle:  Jocelyn

Contact Info: keddybear@gmail.com

Character Count: 1

Character Name:  Maicey Gurrel

Nationality: Saldaean

Age: 19

Physical Characteristic:


Maicey has long dark hair, almost black, that falls in slight waves past her shoulders. Her eyes are a clear, light blue, framed with thick black lashes. Her complexion is fair and creamy, with the slightest smattering of freckles across her cheeks. Typical of Saldaeans, her eyes are slightly tilted. She is not very tall, standing at around 165cm tall, and is slim but with nicely rounded curves, making her appear very feminine. Her features are quite striking, with most people agreeing she is attractive, though she blushes very easily.




Maicey comes across as quite shy on first meeting. She is rather quiet, and blushes easily. However, beneath that facade lies a very fiery woman with a temper and strong passions, who will stand up for herself when pressed. She is also fiercely independent and can be quite outspoken, it just takes a little getting to know her before these things become evident.



Personal History:  


Maicey was never wanted. The only child to parents that did not love each other, she learned at a young age that the only reason her parents had married at all was because of her, the pregnancy neither had counted on or desired. Strict parents had forced them together, and made the lives of all three rather miserable. Maicey was looked after dutifully, but always sensed her parents resentment beneath the surface. Looking for their own escape from life, her parents pursued their own destructive paths, her mother to alcohol which eventually stole her life, and her father to gambling, and subsequently heavy debt.


It was a result of this debt that Maicey began working, and not of her own free will. After losing to a Domani merchant, her father had no compunction about delivering his daughter into the unknown man's services as payment. Horrified, but with no other option, Maicey left her home in Saldaea and travelled to Arad Doman. This turned out to be a turn for the worse, with Patir possessing a fierce temper that often led to a bruised Maicey. At least at home she'd largely been ignored, but the sporadic abuse at the hands of her captor was beyond bearing. In a foreign land, with no money or friends, Maicey fled the merchant and sought employment in an inn in Bandar Eban, working as a barmaid in return for a pallet and hot meals.




I know this history is short, but I have already spoken with Covai and plan to roleplay her being found in Bandar Eban and taken back to the farm. I really want to let this character develop on her, instead of plan her down to each nuance before hand.


Thanks! :)



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