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Happy Birthday Harry! (And Jo)


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I know technically the Harry Potter discussion doesn't start until tomorrow (just finished rereading last night), but today is Harry's birthday (and incidentally also Jo Rowling's ;)), and I thought this needed a celebration.


Also, 10 house points for *insert the House of your choice* to the first person who can tell me how old Harry is today.



Head of Hufflepuff

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And this is the actual Mia posting.


So here's how you'll know (and Nia is right btw). In Chamber of Secrets Harry and crowd is celebrating Nearly Headless Nick's 500th death day. And he was killed on the 31st October 1492. And if you add 500 years you get 1992. At that point Harry is 12 years old, which means Harry must've been born in 1980.


So yes, 10 house points to Ravenclaw (which I find oddly fitting. If you've a ready mind and all that.. =)).

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