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Leather Bound set of the 14 WoT Books


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Hi folks,


As the title suggests this thread is to discuss the possibility of a leather bound edition of the complete (14 books) Wheel of Time series.

Brandon Sanderson once said that he was going to push for this when the series was complete (sorry I don't have a reference, I just don't want to trawl through all his old blogs).



Hopefully they would be published as a set, or 1 every month, like the eBooks.

I for one would rejoice if this were to be produced, money would be no object to me, I'm not rich or anything, far from it, I would just be happy to spend the money on something I love so much.

And if you think about it an "expensive" copy of the Lord of the Rings in the UK (you don't see many leather editions) costs about £50

So 14 leather WoT books could cost £700, but still, I would buy them.


Does anyone have any thoughts on the matter or know more information?

Hopefully some DM mods, and even Jason himself read this and they can get on to Brandon to start pushing for this.




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Where did Sanderson told that he would press for leather-bound versions?


I read several times on his site that he would press for an omnibus of the 3 last books (before and after the announcement of 'memory of light' being removed from each).


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They already have released leather bound versions of most of them (I don't know if they did it with all of them, but certainly the more recent ones). And, like mb, I don't recall any mention of BS pushing for a set of them. He did mention an AMoL omnibus, possibly leather bound, perhaps that's what you're thinking of?

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I will go have a look for the quote from Brandon.


And the current leather books are

1. very rare and

2. very inconsistent, ie the fonts and type size on the spines are all different.


If you were to line them all up they would now have the look of a full series but rather a random collection of leather books.

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Argh! I can't find it.


It was on a post along with plans of doing a wheel of time encyclopedia and other cool stuff!

Like talk of releasing a book of the work RJ did before he passed away, so you could see what was brandon and what was jordan.

And releasing RJ's audio on the ending of the series.

Maybe I dreamt all this?

I'm sure I didn't


I shall continue my search.

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