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  1. Does anyone think that perhaps, the pillars do have a kind of sentience, but instead of reading and working on Aviendha's 'fears' they simply read her mind and found out that the entire Aiel already knew the information that had previously been revealed in the pillars, rendering their previous function redundant, and so as per their design, they changed to show 'what was needed' but now from a possible future, in order to get the Aiel to behave maturely and intelligently in their medium term actions as a people. I like the concept that the pillars were always setting the Aiel up to be ready to accept the Way of the Leaf again, and now it is showing that following their current violent ways will destroy them, so the WotL is the only thing they can do to survive. I however believe it will take more than this for them to survive. What would be their purpose? In the Waste it was a struggle just to survive, and they grew strong. As one of the Chiefs (i think) says in the vision, the Aiel need a purpose again - there is only one purpose for them, if they accpet the WotL: to become the Da'shain Aiel once more, servents (to the channelers of Randland in general? To the unified force of WO, AS and WF we hope will arise?).
  2. That is.... so underwhelming. The BUT. -_- There should be no B in BUT
  3. I think Rand's death will occur before he needs to seal the bore, and everyone will assume all is lost, but them he will come back (perhaps fighting Moridin in his own body?). = two cents
  4. I might be the only one here who has read (or will admit to having read) a part of the Inheritance series. But they have they right theory of efficiency of magic there. Instead of balefire for a single enemy, how about you just wizz a small pebble at very high speed through his/its temple. Sorted (if it doesn't matter whether or not the DO gets access to the soul). A moving 'cheese wire'-type piece of Air at trolloc neck height would surely kill many of them, and quickly. Could be elaborated into a Resident Evil-type arrangment (the lasers) if the trollocs start figuring it out and duck. Have we seen examples of lightening being called down on Raken or Draghkar? Seems to best way to deal with moving airborne targets. (I don't remember)
  5. All those people who want one more book instead of two: do you want this journey to end prematurely?
  6. Do we know this for a fact? I think i know what you are referring to, in the reverse use when Rand put out a fire by taking it's heat and placing it in the stone (granite?) of the fireplace (Terry Pratchett anyone?). We do not know if a similar method, but in reverse, is used to summon fire balls. I think if RJ had wanted us to think this, he would have had several characters noticing strnage chills in the air after many fireballs were summoned, those characters thinking how strange it was that they should feel cold even though there are massive balls of fire flying over head. And surely moving charges around (easy enough with the OP) would cause some weird effects of at least Perrin and the wolves to sense it and remark on the weird feeling. My stance would be that they are not creating energy, they are simply bringing it in from the flow of the OP, which may or may not be considered to be outside this universe as a closed system (though of course if this were considered outside energy entering the universe, it is in effect creating energy).
  7. I agree with the major arguments in the theory, but the evidence that the ogier and tuanthuan would be involved is very weak: 1. It comes mainly from book 1 with a little bit from book 4, where we know that the rules of the universe were still mallable. 2. We know so little about seed-singing that saying that it can re-weave the pattern directly is a huge leap. Also, seed-singing has not been confirmed to be the same thing as tree-singing, therefore observations about one cannot be unilaterally applied to the other. 3. Current tuanthuan do not know the song, and it seems from Rand's flashback, not everybody can sing it. You need to be chosen. I like the "pattern as a cloth sack" analogy, and it fits with the Big 3's ta'veren-ness, but I think there's going to be something else involved. Maybe that lump of Light in Rand's brain is pure Pattern goo that he can use like tar on a boat to patch the Bore. I like the theory, excpet that the entire thing is built around the first assumption, for which there is no unequivocal evidence: "1. We know that the Pattern itself is the Dark One's prison." There are some pretty stong hints that this is the case, theories which explian why this is so, and yet it is not known for a fact.
  8. Does this just refer to the American covers, and not the Irl/GB ones? They are simple, even in harback. I wouldn't mind more art on them in a reprint.
  9. But Perrin was brought up to believe he was just a simple (minded) black smith. Egwene wasn't brought up to be a fickle bítch. Perrin to Survive TG!
  10. I dont recall that, as far as I can recall there are no open lava sources, or craters of that sort on dragonmount. Its just a mountain as far as I know From the first page of Veins of Gold in tGS (p755 of the British hardback edition):
  11. Surely it must be that Rand isn't black. One of his parents was :P
  12. Answering the Phone Sniffing Running Down Cats/Zombies/cyclists...
  13. How will the Ogier help, besides sending forces to bolster the numbers of the Light? I want to see them Sing up some major defenses, perhaps having rediscovered how to create Nym, but they will be battle Nym BD The Ogier should have had their fair share of Lost Talents rediscovered, IMO
  14. The Big Unnoticed thing has been revealed? Then why are there still compilations on the general forum of all the theories of what it might be??
  15. IIRC, channeling into them (and leaving them together), and then flipping a coin a hundred/1000 times into it always landed heads/on its side, something like that? Sorry this is so vague, i wouldn't have a clue where to start looking for a quote. Could be in the BWB. Aes Sedai experiments yeilded this result - I think i would have been mentioned if the things had come apart as a result. Is it just spirit that one should use with it, or could different flows or even weaves alter chance in different ways?
  16. The line always struck me as significant, but I wasn't sure if either it was Rand or Narishma that had made the mistake. I never saw anything like the wards being messed with there. It seems like a large extrapolation based on too little evidence. I thought that Rand had either actually forgotten something important in his madness (unlikely), or, had given the absolute bare minimum of info leaving Narishy to work things out from what Rand said (more likely), due to his paranoia he was trying and failing to really trust him.
  17. The Finns abilities are far from limitless. They can do none of these things and asking for them would not have helped. In particular, they can not affect outside world at all. Certainly, killing the DO is completely out of reach. They also can not increase someones channeling strength (except maybe by giving them a sa'angreal) or grant them access to TP. Both RJ and BS commented on this in interviews. OK, sorry, I never knew this. Is there some compilation of their interviews somewhere? So they can grant material items, and that's it? What are the limits on sa'angreal, could you perhaps ask for another Choedan Kal-type one? If they can suck your ability to channel from you (Moiraine) then I would have thought they could do the reverse, albeit grudgingly.
  18. You think while joined together they are a more regular ter'angreal, requiring channeling to work, but seperated they become a more comlex angreal that works without channeling? I suppose it could be possible, there are weaves attached to doors and letter boxes and the like that active only when opened - why not one that only activates when the dice are seperated? It's pure specualtion, but it doesn't seem impossible.
  19. What if Cyndi can somehow exploit this new, albeit very extended, mental link to Rand? Even just by further guilt trips such as this one, if commanded by moridin, perhaps she could do it enough provoke a reaction. Especially now that Rand is more in tune with his loving, forgiving side. Could Rand find a way to influence Cyndi's mind? I mean he already affects moridin, though without knowing it.
  20. I thought in tGS, Dragonmount had a fairly obvious crater with molten lava?
  21. @Randzamon: Please learn what Deux Ex Machina means. Neither its literal translation nor its literary usage correspond to your usage of the term. Earlier in this thread many people were arguing about the apprent contradictions between what RJ said on the DO and the Pattern, and what LTT remembers of patching the Bore. So this is cannon. The Pattern, including any of its constituent threads, cannot affect the DO. 'Affect' would include 'touching' the DO. We do not know how sane LTT was at this point, if he was remembering correctly or even if his perception of events at the time of Patching the Bore was accurate. Let us assume that he is sane at the time, remembers correctly and has all the correct info. He says only that SAIDIN touched the DO. The One Power drives the Wheel, and is intrinsically linked to many of its threads, but is NOT part of the Pattern. It is not a thread, therefore not part of the Pattern. So the Pattern did not directly affect the DO, but something which drives the weaving of the Pattern. Granted it was controlled and directed by threads in the Pattern, but the threads themselves did not do the touching. This would also seem to resolve the issue of Balefire destroying the DO - it might take more of the OP than any living Channler can employ, but as per the information we have, it could still destroy the DO. Theoretically.
  22. Why doesn't anyone ask for the Forces of the Light to win Tarmon Gai'don, for the ability to channel the True Power, to be the stongest channeler ever to have existed, for the DO to die, for the ability to kill the DO permanantly, to control all Shades... The possibilities are endless. Why hasn't anyone asked for direct help in winning TG?
  23. In relation to not being able to enter stedding in TAR and not being able to access the OP in the normal world, and the fact that OP usage is changed/prevented in the Tower of Ghenjei in their normal world, wouldn't it make sense that it was simply impossible to access it throught the world of dreams, or that you'd be killed or fall into an empty abyss (as seen in Skimming) or some such? A similar, but not identical, effect as stedding. That's what I reckon. Or perphaps, if the Finnlands have their own TAR, it might connect to that one..... You would most definatley be in trouble if you wound up there.
  24. Well there are few enough souls who's past we do have, Rand as the Dragon being one, Birgitte and the Heros being the rest. (There may be others, i forget). So we know from the prologue to tEotW we know the Dragon has always been the same soul. The Heros have always been the same, whether summoned or born. I think the Souls of the Forsaken would have to be the same. They are main players in the Pattern, just as the Dragon and the Heros are. Except.....BALEFIRE. Does this not destroy the soul? I had the impression that being burned from the pattern meant that you could not be used again in the Pattern. According to Wot wikia that's true anyway (hangs head in shame).
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