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Heya, new here, I'm a vet to Forums in general but never this board in particular. I've been a big fan of RJ since 98'. The Eye of the World was the first Fantasy book i've ever read and changed my life really. Since RJ's death i've re-read the whole series for the third time now. and with the news of a WOT MMO, console game and movie found myself looking for others who are as into the books as I am. Thanks.

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:) *looks around*  Company's pretty thin just now. *G*  Lots of people on vacations, etc.


You don't have to join a community to post on their public board, which you may already know. If any particular org interests you, just make an intro thread there. But many people never get past the discussions and debates, which can be very...stimulating. I seldom go there; I have blood pressure problems  ;).


The RP side is a little different. I don't RP, so I'll have to let someone knowledgeable about that tell you about it. I wish I had the time, but for now, I have too much to do in RL to spend much time online.  :(


How do you like DM so far?

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