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  1. Loved it! Girl is cute too! Keep them coming!
  2. It's a book, in reality, it would be ultra stupid to destroy your greatest weapon before the greatest battle to come in 3000 years if not more. By that logic then, we should all be using nukes in any military engagement. They're our most powerful weapons. It would be "ultra stupid" not to. In political game theory, since the cold war, there has been a concept called MAD. Mutually Assured Destruction. the Nuke=CK analogy is good but it doesn't account for the policy of not using nukes. CK leaves fallout ala balefire not radiation. The key difference is that in randland there is only o
  3. I really liked this whole series. Kept me interested all the way though. Origional ideas and concepts, characters i began to be attached to. I highly recommend this series.
  4. The reason i was going with Baerlon is because it made the most sense to concentrate low level players into smaller areas. This fosters communication early on to help newbie's to the MMO world. also It is geographically centered on the map, remote enough to not have a lot of the bigger stories interupting them, and the desired goal was to have aiel, Orgier, and westlander playing together ASAP before they move on to respective regions for one reason or another. Level 1-10 shouldn't take longer then a couple hours for an expiernced player and will thus be in a consistant flux of people. keeping
  5. Reading the press release it states both console/PC RPGs to go along with the movies release (I predict this will be like the Lord of the Rings games) and an MMO. Now the development of an MMO is much different then traditional single player RPGs. Persistent worlds, more competitive and more levels of narrative are what i feel are the biggest differences but they are arguable and strangely some recent MMOs have trended toward adding more "solo play" aka AoC. Thanks for the post though :).
  6. Heya, so I posted this in the official WOT MMO section but did not get the amount of feedback i was hoping for. Mostly i think because it's buried on page 11 or something. Anyways, I wanted to do a poll in concert with my post so i could get an overall feel for the idea and see if it's worth putting more time into ;D I do intend on being very pro-active about updating with suggestions and arguments for certain features. I really desire for this to reflect on some grounds a community-driven thing. If there is indeed the support for it. I'm doing my best to keep things readable and spell ch
  7. Heya, new here, I'm a vet to Forums in general but never this board in particular. I've been a big fan of RJ since 98'. The Eye of the World was the first Fantasy book i've ever read and changed my life really. Since RJ's death i've re-read the whole series for the third time now. and with the news of a WOT MMO, console game and movie found myself looking for others who are as into the books as I am. Thanks.
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