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Approved Warders Bio for Tathel Devonce(Garim)--CC'd by WT


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Character's name: Tathel Devonce(Garim)

Age: 17

Place of Origin: Andor - Caydin (a small village south of Caemlyn)

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 148

Brief History:


Tathel was born in Caydin to his father Derrin and mother Marie. He lived

most of his life thinking his father was a blacksmith and his mother a

gifted herbalist. On his 15th birthday though he learnt this was not the


Tathel's father approached him with a grim look on his face and explained

that Tathel was now a man and must learn the sword. His father followed this

announcement with-- something Tathel had always asked but never gotten a

straight answer about-- the story of how he and Marie had come to Caydin.

Derrin revealed that Marie had once been an accepted at the white tower but

had fallen in love with a young warder in training(Derrin). Marie was not

making very much progress and became frustrated. Fearing she may never

become Aes sedi she decided to bond Derrin and run away.

Derrin told Tathel it was one of his greatest regrets that he had agreed to

be bonded. He often wished that Marie could have waited and that he could

have finished his training. Derrin and Marie were on the run for many years

until finally they found Caydin and settled down.

Derrin brought Tathel outside to begin his training. Tathel's first task

was to make a sword for himself. Derrin explained to Tathel that it was

family tradition to wield a sword that you yourself create.

Derrin taught Tathel the sword for nearly a year while his mother taught

him of the world. On Tathel's 16th birthday he set out to find his place in

the world. His father gave him enough money to reach Caemlyn safely and join

the military there. Tathel though had other Ideas; he would finish his

fathers dream and train to be a true warder. Tathel's journey to Caemyln was

mostly uneventful. Upon reaching Caemlyn he was awed by its beauty and

stayed for a couple of months taking work with a local blacksmith.

Tathel's skill in smithing having improved he reforged his sword and went

about finding a group to travel to Tar Valon with. Any fool could see these

were dark days and Tathel was no fool. He waited until a convoy was heading

north to Tar Valon and Tagged along.

On the way to Tar Valon his convoy was attacked by bandits, this was the

first time Tathel saw real combat and it was not pretty. He drew his blade

and went on the defensive. From his training he had always pictured battle

as graceful but this battle was nothing but chaos. Staying defensive minded

he waited for a bandit to approach him. Parrying the bandits third strike

Tathel's sword broke from its hilt and he backed away quickly. Fear pulsed

through him and he cursed his poor craftsmanship. Just as the bandit began

to move in on him A spear was tossed to Tathel and despite his lack of

training in the spear he drove it home into the bandit. He looked for who

had tossed him the spear and saw a brown clad figure disappear into the

brush by the trail. The combat was done and the bandits defeated. Tathel

took the sword the bandit had been wielding but kept the spear too. He

talked with the other members of the convoy but none had seen the figure who

tossed him the spear.

Upon reaching Tar Valon Tathel went straight to the tower to offer himself

for training using the last name Garim so as not to lead the Aes sedi to his


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Looks like a good bio, though an Accepted would not know how to perform the bonding weave - it is not taught until a sister is raised. Is it possible that the bonding never happened, though I'm happy for the whole running away and marrying to happen. :)

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I'm actually rereading the books at the moment, and it is possible for an Accepted to know the weave from spying on Aes Sedai when they bond a warder. Elayne learned it that way, and she bonded Brigitte before she was 'raised'. But if you want to stick with the 'no bonding for Accepted, not even in bios!' rule I'm ok with that :)

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I did think of that instance...I would just hate to see it become a common thing because I didn't pull it up the first time I came across it. If it is going to make a huge impact on the bio and their future RPing, I'm inclined to be lenient, otherwise, if it's not so vital...can we fudge over it?

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It is not really vital to the background. He could have left his warder training with her sans the bonding. It just seemed more of a reason for her to run away rather then stick it out at the tower. I was assuming she found out how in a similer fasion to Elayne, but if it is a problem i don't mind striking it out.

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