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Approved WK Bio for Gabriel Almor - CCed \m/


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Character Name: Gabriel Almor

DM Handle: RunswithWolves

Email: jarheaded@hotmail.com

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Place of Birth: Samara, Ghealdean

Physical Description: 6’ tall with dark curly hair that covers his once brown eyes now turned a dark gold. His father is innkeeper at The Blue Bull so he has not had a hard life... he’s not all muscles but not fat either.



Character History:


Growing up as the son of a (if not wealthy) well-to-do innkeeper father, Gabe had a fairly easy life. His mother mooned over her only child making sure he had no worries, nothing that would make him strain too hard. Gabe spent all his time engrossed in books from his father's small library. He dreamed of one day having his own adventures but he knew that his mother would die rather than see him go off on his own. That was until his 20th nameday...


On the day of his 20th nameday Gabe woke up feeling different... the night before he had dreamed that he was a wolf, or at least seeing through a wolf's eyes and he had had similar dreams all week. The whole month leading up to his 20th nameday was strange... he smelled smells he shouldn’t have... saw in the dark even with no lights... heard conversations that were too far off for him to normally have heard. He had mentioned this to his father but his father just waved it off as him imagining it because he was becoming a man. So it came as a complete shock when his mother came to wake him up and, as soon as he made eye contact, she screamed and ran out the door yelling for his father.


Gabe, confused, got up and went to the wash basin to get cleaned up for his nameday, but when he looked in the mirror all thoughts of his nameday quickly vanished from his mind. He just sat there staring at himself, shaking, not knowing what was happening. He hardly noticed his father enter the room, hardly heard the gasp and the clatter of the knife his father was holding as it dropped to the floor. Hardly noticed pushing past his father and out the door. Hardly noticed his mother's strangled yell as he fled... running. He kept running out the gates into the forest. Running... that’s all he could do was run... Maybe he could outrun his eyes, so he kept running. Then he staggered as if punched and his head swam with images. He saw wolves running and could sense they were close. He did not know how and did not want to know how he knew. He kept running and images kept flooding into him.. He did not understand them and did not want to. He was going to run till he outran all of it. His eyes, the wolves, his mother's anguished face. All of it. He ran until finally he collapsed in a heap. He lay there breathing hard until he passed out from exhaustion and that’s when the dreams came again...


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