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Hail all


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Welp, I'm new here, it says to post here if you are new, so I am posting.


I have just finnished the first book, and am now working on the second. I have to say, I loved the first book up until the end. It seems that the attitude of everyone completely changed all of the sudden. I understand that it was an intense time, but it just seemed a little weird.


Also, are there any discussion groups for people who have only read certian books (like just the first, then just the first two, etc)? So I can talk with other fans like me without risking reading something about the books I haven't read (I've already done that by accident and have found something out that I didn't want to know :( )

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Guest Egwene

Welcome Balthazar,


sorry that you have already come across a spoiler. Definately avoid the Book Discussions board as a whole for the moment. Maybe have a look at the threads posted here by new members. There were one or two that were in the early stages of the series. You might want to discuss over PM's. There is one thread on the Book discussion which might be ok...



these guys are doing a re-read however, so there may be the odd spoiler...


Another option is to post you topic on the board asking in the topic header which book you want to discuss exclusively. Than save the page to your favourites, so you don't see the other topics when logging onto that thread.



I think I know what you mean about the end of book one. I thought at the time it was as if about one chapter before the end it turned into the 'there is going to be another book' track. Not that I minded, but it did feel a bit odd.


Hope you enjoy DM. There is a lot more to it than the books. :P

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Thanks. I will probably follow your advice and make the thread.


I am also and actor, and like many other actors, I am eagerly awaiting Red Eagle to announce they are definately going to make a movie and are accepting audition tapes :)


Also, is there an Official Fan Club for the WOT/Robert Jordan?

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Guest Egwene

Good luck! Don't forget your friends at DM when it comes to premiere time, will you :wink: Which role would you most like to get?


As Tor, the publishers cite Dragonmount as the host of the official RJ Blog (found top right of the screen), maybe that makes us the official site... :)

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A reall newbie, to the series and everything.


Good good its good to see that you have got hooked on the series and hopefully this site, well i guess you really can go to discussion boards without taking a risk of find some spoilers especially at the first or second book, maybe you can attach to somone farther in the series and they can tell u what discussions are free of spoilers.


Hope to see you in the white tower and after the blue ajah.

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