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Well, I've been posting for about a week now, but it's never too late to introduce my self. (I just started to explore the other sections of the forum yesterday, so pardon my rudeness).


I'm a admirer of RJ's series, and I read the forum quite often, but just now I decided to register. I'm from Brazil and I thing this forum is amazing, incredible how some members have so deep knowledge about Randland and the series!


Anyway, I'm glad to be part of it now. :wink:

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Guest Egwene

I have read some of your posts on the book discussion board (hope you got round to voting in the various polls)... welcome to the rest of this amazing place.


Got a friend who is from Brazil. Maybe one day we will go an visit him in his home country. What's the best time of year to go to your country, wtfv?


Hope you enjoy DM :P

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Egwene, that depends a lot of the region you intend to visit and your taste for hot weather!


If you like heat, beaches and this stuff you should come on our summer season (December, January, ..). Unless you're going to the northeast of the country, there never gets cold!


Now, if you don't like hot weathers, don't come by in the summer or spring, cause is very, very, very hot in most of the country, at least for european standards. Then, you should come by winter or autumn.


If you don't mind the temperature, come any time of the year, it's a very beautiful country, with lots of natural wonders to be seen.


And thanks for the welcome, both of you!

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Guest Lord_Zirkus

WELCOME!!!!!! I am glad you're here! I hope you like the Wheel of Time Seriesâ„¢ by Robert Jordan! How many have you read?

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