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  1. Olá

    Sou brasileiro também. Você ainda posta aqui?

  2. Well, I'm still reading the series. I did not quit. And Werthead, I must say that was a fair good advice you gave. The Malazan Book of the Fallen is really good stuff. I'm just finishing Deadhouse Gates (had some problems with mail delivery, it took 2 months more then predicted to receive my book lol). Anyway, it's much simpler to read then the first (because we are now familiar with the world, its functioning and the story lines), it has some major revelations, that Shadowthrone's stuff is pretty unpredictable, and it explores a lot more some nice characters. The bad part is that we don't have Rake in this book. So, if you are struggling with book one, as we all did, keep going. Book 2 gets a lot better and people say that they keep getting better.
  3. Just finished Book 1. Well, what can I say? It's a good book. True there's a little confusion in the start, but after that it gets better and in the end it was not a major problem. I disliked A LOT the lots of super powered chars. Damn, that sucked. I don't mind some mages casting lightining strikes, fireballs here or there, killing some people and etc. But there's a limit and SE traspassed it.. Bout the chars, spoilers here watch out: The moment Kruppe was introduce I thought 'I bet he is a extremely important and powerful man who is hiding under this aura of idiocy'... What a cliche! But an interesting char, anyway. I liked Rake too, despite the fact of his super powers. A really tough god, isnt he? Hard as rock in delivering justice, but can show compassion when needed. Well, he was another cliche, but the type every good book must have. From those Darujhistan guys I liked Nom and Murillio. The drunk noble and Crokus where really superficial, hope they never appear again. Nom I guess has yet a major role in the plot, and I'm looking forward to see what happens next with him. From the Bridgeburners I liked Kalam and Quick Ben. I was not able to like Whiskeyjack. Dont know what, but something about him is really really boring. Maybe is his stupidity. 'Ah, they sent us to dig a tunnel under tons of snow and planned triggering a major magical battle just above our heads. But that doesnt mean they 're trying to get us killed' Oh, c'mon! That was really stupid and made me hate Whiskeyjack! Phew, that's it. Now I'll wait for my Deadhouse Gates to arrive. I ordered it with GotM and MoI at Amazon. The others two arrived together in the beggining of the month. But they keep postponing the delivery date of Deadhouse Gates. With some luck it will be delivered by the end of the year. :lol:
  4. The best fantasy series ever, in my humble opinion, is A Song of Ice and Fire by George Martin. But beware. It's not for the faint of heart. It's worth reading if you can handle some really tragic tidings. Recently I started to read the Malazan Book of the Fallen, by Steven Erikson. I'm in the first book and I'm pretty much liking it.
  5. I think Grossman is a really, really bad quarterback.
  6. wtfv

    Anime anyone?

    Evangelion Cowboy Bepop Full Metal Alchemist They're the ones I like the most.
  7. Thanks, Werthead. That explains a lot. :lol: Besides the little confusion, I'm enjoying reading the book. It has a special aura around it, like you said epic. Very nice. Just read Tattersail remembering the attack against Moon's Spawn and the fall of Pale. Good stuff.
  8. wtfv


    Always prefered Utopia.
  9. Started reading it. So far so good. But yeah, I'm a little confused.
  10. I have just received my Gardens of the Moon. I'll start to read it asap....
  11. Well, since I have no creativity at all, my nick is composed by the initials of my real name.
  12. Lol, don't worry Werthead. Pressure is off! By your description, it's the sort of book that I'll enjoy reading!
  13. I saw Werthead saying in some other topic that this series is the second best he ever read, losing to ASOIAF only. So truthfully believing in his good taste, I just ordered the first three books on amazon today. With luck, wich I tend not to have, I'll have them in my hands two weeks from now. I hope they're as good as people say, cause after ASOIAF i didn't found any book capable to entertain me much.
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