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Hey, welcome to Dragonmount, Cloudz!


If you're ever interested in more than just the discussions, you could always check out the RP side, or (my personal favorite) the ORG side of Dragonmount.


I really recommend the ORGs if you want to feel like a part of a family (not saying you can't get that elsewhere on DM!  :D ), and if you just want to socialize.

Some ORGs to look at:

The Band of the Red Hand Org

The White Tower Org

The Kin

The Aiel Org



Also, I haven't been doing this, but I'm going to now:  You should definitely come and post on the Fiddlesticks board, found next to Organized games and under General Discussion. ;) ;D


Welcome again!

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Welcome to DM!


Do not hesitate to ask us any questions if you get confused - we're here to help. :) I hope you have a good look around the boards and find a few things that interest you. :)

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