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Warders?? how do i become one??

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Guest Egwene

Minehead???????!!!!! :D I am south of Taunton *grin*


Hello Lan... how is the weather up the road?? Have you had that shower yet, that went through a little while ago??


Have a read of the first few threads on this board... gives you a general idea about what is what and how to join. You don't have to restict yourself... if you fancy, you can join both, the warders in the white tower and the warders in the RP section. (excuse us if we sort of take it as read that you want to be a warder...lol) For the RP stuff, Sirayn is definately the person to ask.


Have you read all the books yet. If not, watch out for spoilers on the book discussion boards... otherwise, go ahead and don't forget to vote in the polls there.


Hey, great to see the west-country getting stronger here *g*

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Guest Egwene

Have you joined the White Tower? That's the first thing you need to do. Go to the 'usergroup' option under 'Forum Option' top right hand side of you screen. Scroll down where you see 'Age of Legends PSW' and click on the group you wish to join.

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Hey and welcome to dragonmount!


I see you're already getting started... But I must recommend that you visit Fiddlesticks, a forum all about spam! If you like pirates, you can vote for them in the pirates vs. ninjas thread there! :wink:


I hope you'll enjoy it here :)

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