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everyone read this, i am reading eoftheworld got a question


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hey everybody, i hope someone can help me with this. i am reading eye of the world which is excellent, however i finished ch 32 where rand and mat are fleeing the dancing cartman(the inn at four kings) the lightning strike just saved their butts from the darkfriends. so i start ch 33 and they are in a cart with hyam kinch.then two to three pages later it picks back up with them traveling in the rain again and goes through the part in market sheran and then the woman tries to kill them in the stable of the queens man. rand gets that fever which he was getting better from in the begging of the chapter. at the end of ch 33 they hitch a ride and the guy introduces himself as nyam kinch which is who they were with at the start of the chapter. ??? is this an error or am i missing something? if you have a copy of eye of the world skim ch 32 and or 33 and see what you think. thanks rob

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The whole section is written out of order because it's done in flash backs. The beginning of the Rand and Mat section begins at the same time the Perrin section leaves off, then backtracks so that you know how Rand and Mat got to where they are.


For a more complete answer, and also a chronological look at chapters 31-34 go to http://www.encyclopaedia-wot.org/ and under "The Eye of the World" go to any of those chapters and they will have a link to a page describing what's happening and a table showing the chornological order of events.


The site also has notes for every chapter (though the notes will sometimes link to information you get later in the series), descriptions of every character plus a list of where they can be found in the series in chronological order, a list of all dreams, viewings, and prophices, and just about anything there is to think about. It's extremely helpful, even to people who have read the series a dozen times.

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