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  1. The green's failure in the WT attack was only one of the failure's of all AS. I think that it has been discussed before, but even with the oaths, if the AS had kept themselves from becoming so aloof over the years, the tower would be unstoppable. Station Greens along the blight, 1-2 or more in every tower. (If they started this at the start when they had plenty of AS, it would have been possible) and also a yellow for healing. Put a yellow in every town, many in every city, to act as the local doctor, or at least say, one in the two rivers for example, if someone really needs serious help, they go to them. Having them local like that would keep them from being aloof, and not as feared. It would also put AS throughout the population, and would help for recruiting. This would greatly increase their numbers to what they should have had the entire time. Also, by doing this, you can actually get a number of AS offspring, furthering the channeler population. reds, blues, whites, greys, browns do what they always do, kinda. I know that this is a small rant a bit off topic on the failures of the idiots in charge. But, yeah, the green's failed miserably in the WT attack. All that there is to say about it.
  2. I have made it through all the books about 5 times, well, the last book only twice, this will be the third, but I do not remember much of the small details. I know that Egwene puts two and two together on the age that the Kin and W.O.s live, but don't remember her commenting on the agelessness.
  3. Maybe it has been discussed before, but I have missed it. OK, after being stilled, the agelessness goes away. The Kin do not show the agelessness. The Damage do not show the agelessness. The Wise Ones do not show the agelessness. (We know that they live longer, and look younger than their years, in so far as the Kin and Wise Ones are concerned...do not know about Damane) This leads me to believe that the agelessness, along with why Aes Sedai do not live as long as the Kin and Wise Ones, is tied to the placement of the Oaths, which are broken upon stilling. (Otherwise, you would also have some life-long accepted that have it too....from what I can figure, it really shows up within 5-10 years of being raised to the shawl, so for Moraine and Suiane, that would be around 11-16 years using the power, and there are some accepted who have been there from what we can tell, at least 10-15 years) So, my question is this. Wouldn't members of the Black lose their ageless qualities since the three oaths are removed from them? I am just throwing this out there, I know that Sanderson has mentioned that there is something big in books 4-6 that has not been discussed. (His B.U.T) or whatever it was. I am not on the boards all that often, so if it has been found out in the last few months I do not know about it, I may be making a few posts on topics in the next month or two while I make it through books 4-6 again.
  4. Jelly, what you are describing is called the grandfather paradox. Basically, if you where to travel back in time and shoot your grandfather before he met your grandma, He never woulda had your dad...which means that you never existed...which means that you wouldn't have been able to go back in time and shoot him. i.e. the only ay that time travel could be used other than mere observation would be to travel back in time, and ensure that something that did happen does happen. Anne McCaffrey wrote a series of books that had time travel in it. she did a respectable job of showing what would actually be possible if time travel where possible. So basically, you could go back in time and see who shot Kennedy...you could go back in time and shoot Kennedy (the grassy knoll thing ya know), but you cannot go back in time and stop Kennedy from being shot.
  5. I am going to try to. We talked a little bit last night, if things continue to work out here, it will likely not develop into anything TOO serious, she is graduating in 5 months with her biomed eng. degree and is more than likely heading to med school afterwards while I will be here for another 2 years.
  6. I know Alys. :( This is why I am actively lookin for both friends and someone to be more....just not good at all that stuff...never was, and certainly am not anymore :) I know that the day will come, prolly sooner than later, when me and her are gonna be required to take a few more steps apart cause one of us will be with someone else, and I am not lookin foward to it, I am pretty sure that it will hurt alot on that day as well, on top of all the extra pain I am causing by having been holding on this long already.
  7. I don't drink wine. So it was a bottle of whiskey last night. Today it is a bottle of painkillers to dull the headache.
  8. AH THIS SUCKS!! ok. yeah..the stayin apart thing didn't work...in fact...we havent stopped sleeping together. Here are my concerns. By staying around, 1) I will be more hurt when she starts dating...which is going to be soon I am pretty damn sure. 2) If there is any chance of us fixing things, it requires that she realizes what I mean to her, by being near her, by being close, continuing to share her bed, she will not grow to miss me much at all. But my fears with leaving is that if there is a chance of us fixing things, that in the time it takes her to learn to miss the companiosnhip I offered and everything else, that she will turn to someone else for those things, and that she will settle for less than what she really wants.
  9. so far....not so good. I think I have about 60 text messages from her in my inbox right now since we decided to try and not talk/see each other... and I guess I have sent about as many to her... I did go an collect the last of my crap that was over there...including some my H.S. grad ring I havent seen in 7 years :P...it is in my junk drawer now since it has no purpose
  10. yeah well...it is past time for me and her to not see each other. Gonna try and start that today. I hope it goes weel, regardless of how friggin hard it is going to be.
  11. Falling in Love seems to be the easy part, it just...happens... But when she has decided the relationship is over for her various reasons..and her various actions..without it looking like things will ever be fixed, how does one get over it? I mean, I know too much now in a way, I was being cheated on for 3-4 months, was lied to when asked her directly about it, I ended up being a huge cosmic joke...even my roomate knew about it. I have since been lied to by her when asking direct and simple quistions, but despite everything, I still LOVE her, I am happy when I am around her, things still feel 'right' when I am near her, granted when she leaves my company to go spend time with someone else...well...things don't feel so good, but I still love her. So besides trying to cut of complete communication for some time, is the only option just to wait and hope that my love for her dies, fades away?
  12. I am suprised it is as high as 1%, I woulda thought it was around .1% maybe. i.e. 1 in 1000. I agree that it looks genetic, and maybe not as a recessive trait so much as a Co-dominate trait, i.e. two channelers having a kid have a better chance at producing a channeler, and it is more likely they will be stronger than a channeler-non channerler child. the population drop of channelers is due to both the culling of the male gene when it does show up, and that the AS hold themselves Aloof, rarely wed, and thus rarely have children, so their line stops with them, meaning that hte pasing of hte gene is relegated to people who where never found to channel, or from carriers of the gene where it was too recessive or to not-dominant enough and they had children, and general genetic mutations
  13. slicing a weave doesnt necasarily need to be used in battle either, neither does shielding, if you are triyn to impose your will, or prevent someone from impoising theirs, or any number of circumstances, it would be useful plus...they do know that the last battle will be here one day, they may as well train to prepare for it
  14. Dumai Wells, O'Fortuna maybe...the Aiel crossing the dragonwall...Flight of hte Valkeries, I am a big fan of classical though, however, I really think that the right person could do alot with more modern music as well. But, to fit the music that is already in the books, one with need to go with a basic instrument set-up throughout the entire series, even for background music, basica stringed instruments, acoustic guitar, banjo, a few otehrs, a hard, some kettle-type drums, a few wind instruments, woodwinds mostly, something along the lines of a trumpet/french horn or trombone....so basically...and orchestra.. :P and maybe a piano
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