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  1. The green's failure in the WT attack was only one of the failure's of all AS. I think that it has been discussed before, but even with the oaths, if the AS had kept themselves from becoming so aloof over the years, the tower would be unstoppable. Station Greens along the blight, 1-2 or more in every tower. (If they started this at the start when they had plenty of AS, it would have been possible) and also a yellow for healing. Put a yellow in every town, many in every city, to act as the local doctor, or at least say, one in the two rivers for example, if someone really needs serious help, they go to them. Having them local like that would keep them from being aloof, and not as feared. It would also put AS throughout the population, and would help for recruiting. This would greatly increase their numbers to what they should have had the entire time. Also, by doing this, you can actually get a number of AS offspring, furthering the channeler population. reds, blues, whites, greys, browns do what they always do, kinda. I know that this is a small rant a bit off topic on the failures of the idiots in charge. But, yeah, the green's failed miserably in the WT attack. All that there is to say about it.
  2. I have made it through all the books about 5 times, well, the last book only twice, this will be the third, but I do not remember much of the small details. I know that Egwene puts two and two together on the age that the Kin and W.O.s live, but don't remember her commenting on the agelessness.
  3. Maybe it has been discussed before, but I have missed it. OK, after being stilled, the agelessness goes away. The Kin do not show the agelessness. The Damage do not show the agelessness. The Wise Ones do not show the agelessness. (We know that they live longer, and look younger than their years, in so far as the Kin and Wise Ones are concerned...do not know about Damane) This leads me to believe that the agelessness, along with why Aes Sedai do not live as long as the Kin and Wise Ones, is tied to the placement of the Oaths, which are broken upon stilling. (Otherwise, you would also have some life-long accepted that have it too....from what I can figure, it really shows up within 5-10 years of being raised to the shawl, so for Moraine and Suiane, that would be around 11-16 years using the power, and there are some accepted who have been there from what we can tell, at least 10-15 years) So, my question is this. Wouldn't members of the Black lose their ageless qualities since the three oaths are removed from them? I am just throwing this out there, I know that Sanderson has mentioned that there is something big in books 4-6 that has not been discussed. (His B.U.T) or whatever it was. I am not on the boards all that often, so if it has been found out in the last few months I do not know about it, I may be making a few posts on topics in the next month or two while I make it through books 4-6 again.
  4. I am suprised it is as high as 1%, I woulda thought it was around .1% maybe. i.e. 1 in 1000. I agree that it looks genetic, and maybe not as a recessive trait so much as a Co-dominate trait, i.e. two channelers having a kid have a better chance at producing a channeler, and it is more likely they will be stronger than a channeler-non channerler child. the population drop of channelers is due to both the culling of the male gene when it does show up, and that the AS hold themselves Aloof, rarely wed, and thus rarely have children, so their line stops with them, meaning that hte pasing of hte gene is relegated to people who where never found to channel, or from carriers of the gene where it was too recessive or to not-dominant enough and they had children, and general genetic mutations
  5. slicing a weave doesnt necasarily need to be used in battle either, neither does shielding, if you are triyn to impose your will, or prevent someone from impoising theirs, or any number of circumstances, it would be useful plus...they do know that the last battle will be here one day, they may as well train to prepare for it
  6. Dumai Wells, O'Fortuna maybe...the Aiel crossing the dragonwall...Flight of hte Valkeries, I am a big fan of classical though, however, I really think that the right person could do alot with more modern music as well. But, to fit the music that is already in the books, one with need to go with a basic instrument set-up throughout the entire series, even for background music, basica stringed instruments, acoustic guitar, banjo, a few otehrs, a hard, some kettle-type drums, a few wind instruments, woodwinds mostly, something along the lines of a trumpet/french horn or trombone....so basically...and orchestra.. :P and maybe a piano
  7. Well, there is actually a simple test pertaining to basic laws of physics. If you put an object onto a device that measures applied force, you should get the weight of the object. Now, if you apply a 10 Neuton force to the object, then hte reading on the measurement device should jump up 10 Neutons. Now, if you replace the object with a peice of cuendillar, and hit it with the 10 Neuton force, you will end up with one of two results assuming that is does not break A) The measurement device records an increase of 10 Neutons, the cuendillar DID NOT absob any force, and is for the most part the same as it was before. (There is a possibility of molecular realignment, which could actually increase the strength of the material without it absorbing any energy) B) the measurement system records a jump in force of LESS THAN 10 Neutons, which points to the cuendillar absorbing some of the applied energy. with the alignment thing, basically, if when formed, the cuendillars molecules are arranged randomly, when struck, it is possible that the molecules, or some of them, would begin to form a crystalized formation. Depending on the type of molecules...is cuendillar a metal? I have always thought of it as a ceramic type material...would make it resist fractile damage or ductile damage easier, while weaker at the other. If the object absorbs the energy, it is possible that the result would be the same as tempering, and the object could come to resist both ductile and fractile damage more readily. However, if the object is already indestructable, whats the point?
  8. I believe that is in the latter books, where Pevara? and some others in the tower found one or a few of the BA sisters and made them remove all oaths, reswear the three oaths..plus an added one that makes them tell them what they want to know..what the BA oaths where are mentioned. I dont care if the three oaths stay or go, but I feel that the Aes Sedai need to reenter teh community. that is why they are needed, they act so aloof from society that society doesnt trust them to start with, so they picked up the oaths to calm that some, and in some respects, has only made it worse...either in the double talk of A.S. or in likes of the whitecloaks naming them all DFs when something like Falme shows channelers using the power as a weapons (I know the whitecloaks did that before, but even normal people will begin to wonder..) the Athan'Miere and wise Ones do it right btw. They are completely trusted by their societies, and respected always.
  9. Wasnt the triangle and wavy lines one of the symbols on the portal stone in tGH? I think they gave Mat more answers because the need to get him out was so dire and urgent. They woulda done just aobut anyhting to get him to shut up and get movin
  10. I believe that alot of the reason they die is because upon the AS's death, they get the urge to avenge them with any means necassary, now, in most cases, any circumstance that would cause an AS's death (murder-wise) means that the opposing forces where way to overwhelming for the AS to take on, which means that the warder doesnt stand a snowball's chance in hell. I think this part of the bond is to help make sure that a warder does everything in his power to protect teh AS, since he would stand a much better chance of living with her in tow
  11. they have a link to a version that should be plenty big enough almost 4k b y 4k pixels
  12. No. RJ has said specifically that Taim is not Demandred, and that we have not met Dem's alter ego..if he has one. There are lots of theories as to where Dem is hiding out though.
  13. Yeah, I know the books have gotten progresively shorter as as of late in the span of time covered, however, I think that RJ wil lrealize that that needs to cool a bit to let things build to a head, and let those loose ends at least get close together before the BIG fight starts
  14. honestly, I didnt get the impression that TG was THAT close. I feel that there are way to many loose ends to wrap up to end it in a few weeks, or even a few months. I could see 3 months at the VERY least. some of these people talk like TG is gonna happen with the very next sunrise.
  15. That is quite possible, however, again what about the opposite one naive person might have thought they could control Egwene with her being so young and unexperienced
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