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  1. The green's failure in the WT attack was only one of the failure's of all AS. I think that it has been discussed before, but even with the oaths, if the AS had kept themselves from becoming so aloof over the years, the tower would be unstoppable. Station Greens along the blight, 1-2 or more in every tower. (If they started this at the start when they had plenty of AS, it would have been possible) and also a yellow for healing. Put a yellow in every town, many in every city, to act as the local doctor, or at least say, one in the two rivers for example, if someone really needs serious help, they go to them. Having them local like that would keep them from being aloof, and not as feared. It would also put AS throughout the population, and would help for recruiting. This would greatly increase their numbers to what they should have had the entire time. Also, by doing this, you can actually get a number of AS offspring, furthering the channeler population. reds, blues, whites, greys, browns do what they always do, kinda. I know that this is a small rant a bit off topic on the failures of the idiots in charge. But, yeah, the green's failed miserably in the WT attack. All that there is to say about it.
  2. I have made it through all the books about 5 times, well, the last book only twice, this will be the third, but I do not remember much of the small details. I know that Egwene puts two and two together on the age that the Kin and W.O.s live, but don't remember her commenting on the agelessness.
  3. Maybe it has been discussed before, but I have missed it. OK, after being stilled, the agelessness goes away. The Kin do not show the agelessness. The Damage do not show the agelessness. The Wise Ones do not show the agelessness. (We know that they live longer, and look younger than their years, in so far as the Kin and Wise Ones are concerned...do not know about Damane) This leads me to believe that the agelessness, along with why Aes Sedai do not live as long as the Kin and Wise Ones, is tied to the placement of the Oaths, which are broken upon stilling. (Otherwise, you would also have some life-long accepted that have it too....from what I can figure, it really shows up within 5-10 years of being raised to the shawl, so for Moraine and Suiane, that would be around 11-16 years using the power, and there are some accepted who have been there from what we can tell, at least 10-15 years) So, my question is this. Wouldn't members of the Black lose their ageless qualities since the three oaths are removed from them? I am just throwing this out there, I know that Sanderson has mentioned that there is something big in books 4-6 that has not been discussed. (His B.U.T) or whatever it was. I am not on the boards all that often, so if it has been found out in the last few months I do not know about it, I may be making a few posts on topics in the next month or two while I make it through books 4-6 again.
  4. Jelly, what you are describing is called the grandfather paradox. Basically, if you where to travel back in time and shoot your grandfather before he met your grandma, He never woulda had your dad...which means that you never existed...which means that you wouldn't have been able to go back in time and shoot him. i.e. the only ay that time travel could be used other than mere observation would be to travel back in time, and ensure that something that did happen does happen. Anne McCaffrey wrote a series of books that had time travel in it. she did a respectable job of showing what would actually be possible if time travel where possible. So basically, you could go back in time and see who shot Kennedy...you could go back in time and shoot Kennedy (the grassy knoll thing ya know), but you cannot go back in time and stop Kennedy from being shot.
  5. I am going to try to. We talked a little bit last night, if things continue to work out here, it will likely not develop into anything TOO serious, she is graduating in 5 months with her biomed eng. degree and is more than likely heading to med school afterwards while I will be here for another 2 years.
  6. I know Alys. :( This is why I am actively lookin for both friends and someone to be more....just not good at all that stuff...never was, and certainly am not anymore :) I know that the day will come, prolly sooner than later, when me and her are gonna be required to take a few more steps apart cause one of us will be with someone else, and I am not lookin foward to it, I am pretty sure that it will hurt alot on that day as well, on top of all the extra pain I am causing by having been holding on this long already.
  7. I don't drink wine. So it was a bottle of whiskey last night. Today it is a bottle of painkillers to dull the headache.
  8. AH THIS SUCKS!! ok. yeah..the stayin apart thing didn't work...in fact...we havent stopped sleeping together. Here are my concerns. By staying around, 1) I will be more hurt when she starts dating...which is going to be soon I am pretty damn sure. 2) If there is any chance of us fixing things, it requires that she realizes what I mean to her, by being near her, by being close, continuing to share her bed, she will not grow to miss me much at all. But my fears with leaving is that if there is a chance of us fixing things, that in the time it takes her to learn to miss the companiosnhip I offered and everything else, that she will turn to someone else for those things, and that she will settle for less than what she really wants.
  9. so far....not so good. I think I have about 60 text messages from her in my inbox right now since we decided to try and not talk/see each other... and I guess I have sent about as many to her... I did go an collect the last of my crap that was over there...including some my H.S. grad ring I havent seen in 7 years :P...it is in my junk drawer now since it has no purpose
  10. yeah well...it is past time for me and her to not see each other. Gonna try and start that today. I hope it goes weel, regardless of how friggin hard it is going to be.
  11. Falling in Love seems to be the easy part, it just...happens... But when she has decided the relationship is over for her various reasons..and her various actions..without it looking like things will ever be fixed, how does one get over it? I mean, I know too much now in a way, I was being cheated on for 3-4 months, was lied to when asked her directly about it, I ended up being a huge cosmic joke...even my roomate knew about it. I have since been lied to by her when asking direct and simple quistions, but despite everything, I still LOVE her, I am happy when I am around her, things still feel 'right' when I am near her, granted when she leaves my company to go spend time with someone else...well...things don't feel so good, but I still love her. So besides trying to cut of complete communication for some time, is the only option just to wait and hope that my love for her dies, fades away?
  12. I am suprised it is as high as 1%, I woulda thought it was around .1% maybe. i.e. 1 in 1000. I agree that it looks genetic, and maybe not as a recessive trait so much as a Co-dominate trait, i.e. two channelers having a kid have a better chance at producing a channeler, and it is more likely they will be stronger than a channeler-non channerler child. the population drop of channelers is due to both the culling of the male gene when it does show up, and that the AS hold themselves Aloof, rarely wed, and thus rarely have children, so their line stops with them, meaning that hte pasing of hte gene is relegated to people who where never found to channel, or from carriers of the gene where it was too recessive or to not-dominant enough and they had children, and general genetic mutations
  13. slicing a weave doesnt necasarily need to be used in battle either, neither does shielding, if you are triyn to impose your will, or prevent someone from impoising theirs, or any number of circumstances, it would be useful plus...they do know that the last battle will be here one day, they may as well train to prepare for it
  14. Dumai Wells, O'Fortuna maybe...the Aiel crossing the dragonwall...Flight of hte Valkeries, I am a big fan of classical though, however, I really think that the right person could do alot with more modern music as well. But, to fit the music that is already in the books, one with need to go with a basic instrument set-up throughout the entire series, even for background music, basica stringed instruments, acoustic guitar, banjo, a few otehrs, a hard, some kettle-type drums, a few wind instruments, woodwinds mostly, something along the lines of a trumpet/french horn or trombone....so basically...and orchestra.. :P and maybe a piano
  15. Well, there is actually a simple test pertaining to basic laws of physics. If you put an object onto a device that measures applied force, you should get the weight of the object. Now, if you apply a 10 Neuton force to the object, then hte reading on the measurement device should jump up 10 Neutons. Now, if you replace the object with a peice of cuendillar, and hit it with the 10 Neuton force, you will end up with one of two results assuming that is does not break A) The measurement device records an increase of 10 Neutons, the cuendillar DID NOT absob any force, and is for the most part the same as it was before. (There is a possibility of molecular realignment, which could actually increase the strength of the material without it absorbing any energy) B) the measurement system records a jump in force of LESS THAN 10 Neutons, which points to the cuendillar absorbing some of the applied energy. with the alignment thing, basically, if when formed, the cuendillars molecules are arranged randomly, when struck, it is possible that the molecules, or some of them, would begin to form a crystalized formation. Depending on the type of molecules...is cuendillar a metal? I have always thought of it as a ceramic type material...would make it resist fractile damage or ductile damage easier, while weaker at the other. If the object absorbs the energy, it is possible that the result would be the same as tempering, and the object could come to resist both ductile and fractile damage more readily. However, if the object is already indestructable, whats the point?
  16. haha. um.. I dont remember what time I wrote that...oh yeah..now I do. I think, boundries broken, but not completely. and back up with slightly new boundries and understandings. there is some bit of hope, for one, there is always hope for anything, but there is more hope than just that amount here. As for my changes, the changes that she desired in me, are the changes that I also desire in myself, not just for her, but because they will make me a better person. Honestly, who shouldn't try to take care of themselves? Stop smoking...yeah, a good idea. A bit more willing to talk with emotions vs. bottling them up to let them come out as anger over stupid stuff...good choice. Listening to the signifigant other..that tends to be a good thing.
  17. Day 2 is over. I have done well on the not smoking thing, even though it has only been a very short scheme of things in the overall. I messed up..again..today. She needed my help, she broke her glasses and could not drive to her optometrist appoint, I gave her a ride, I picked her up, we grabbed some food, things where going fine, we came backto my palce to watch some TV, she was going to do some scrapbooking. I started talking, and could not stop. We had another one of those 3 hour conversations about 'us'. She was convinced to set some boundries. It seems, at least I think so, that I may have a better chance of us getting back together than I thought, she said that she does not know if it will happen, but there is a possibility, given time and space. I continue to hope. We set some boundries as well on when that hope is over, for either of us, dependant on when either of us enters a relationship of a certain seiousness, basically, it comes down to when either of us starts sleeping with someone else. She also said not to expect anything inside a few months, at least not until I have shown that I have quit smoking. that has been the longest ongoing problem in the relationship, These are not all my thoughts of the day or anything, but I have other stuff I do NEED to get done irght now
  18. So, here I am. 12:20am on the 22nd of October. A little bit about me. I am 25 years old. Ex-military, in college for Mechanical Engineering, in my 4th year. And single. Now, for the full truth. I am 25 years old. I was kicked out of the military just after my 4-year mark for insubordnation and AWOL (I missed a change of command ceremony). I missed the ceremonry, was given an article 15, and punished. I served my time in Correctional Custody, and went back to work, no loss of pay or stripes, but I had a second chance. 9 months later, I was served with seperation papers under the Air Forces Force Shaping program Phase 2, after my NCOIC felt that I had not shown any improvement since my Arty 15 (even though I had remained out of trouble) and was seperated. I took my terminal leave in August, I started school at La. Tech University for Mech Eng in SEptember '04. I had been in a relationship for over 3 years at that point, she went to Tech as well. 2 months later, I brokw up with her, slept with an ex, confessed, and she took me back. Sometimes things were great in the relationship, often though they became rocky. MY GPA went from a 3.5 my first quarter, to a 2.3 Winter '06 quarter, and up to a 2.4 Spring '07. I am a full year behind, will not graduate until Sping '09 now. I am doing poorly in two of my classes, and if I fail one of them, it will put me back another entire year. I have no financial aid, I have been relying on my folks to pay for school for the last 2 years, as my GI bill covers bills and some spending cash, which I squander on frivolities....I have around 3,000 dollars invested in my 2 main fish tanks (one of which is at the ex's apartment). I have one friend, and only one friend. I have not kept in contact with anyone i went to high school with except my recent ex. I smoke. I have put on 35 lbs since I left the military (brings me up to 180, I am 5'5". I sit behind a computer every day for hours on end. I rarely eat a home-cooked meal, almost always fast food. I have spent 2 hours tonight talking with the ex, getting things off my chest, saying what I felt. The relationship IS over, no matter how much I want her back, it does not appear that she feels that it is worth it. Her reason for leaving, I cannot blaim her. I had become complacent in recent years, taking advantage of the thought that me and her would be together forever, and thus instead of putting foward effort into the relationship, been putting effort into other things, like my tanks, or Everquest 2...This is a cause of many of hte rocky times we have had. I had not been showing her how much I cared for her, at all. There where no more flowers, no more shwon interest in her studies, results on her papers and research. I have not loved her less as time went on, in fact, I have grown to love her more, but I did nothing to show it. We had many arguments of position I took on issues, that when I look back at them, some of them where very stupid, and I stood my ground only out of stubbornish (sp?) For all of this, I am guilty, and it is my fault, I cannot blame her for being unhappy. the only thing that she faults me with I do not regret, is that she calls me overprotective. I do like to know where she is and what she is up to, not out of fear of what she will do, but I loved her to the point that I was so very worried of what could happen to her. The people who go missing on the news, car accidents, any of these things happening to her would have devastated me...kinda ironic that my actions to the one thing I feared are what caused my fears to come true. I cried alot on wednesday and thursday. I cried some of Friday, especially when I went to see my one friend, and I broke down once I got up to his apartment. I did not cry saturday, but had some mini panic attacks. I had some pretty rough moments today, but did not cry...came close...and was in near solid tears for the 2 hours I was talking with my ex. I told her my biggest regret, and this kinda shows how little effort I was putting into the relationship. I cannot remember our last kiss, our last hug, or the last time I told her I loved her. I know WHEN they where, but I cannot remember the actual act..I was on autopilot so to speak. I remember the first time we kissed, 8 YEARS ago, but cannot remember the last, not even a week gone. I remember the first time I told her I loved her, almost SIX years ago, but cannot remember from a week ago. After I left, I called my dad, woke him up right at aobut midnight, I had to talk to him, I had to hear him say some stuff. That it would be ok, that my parents where not disappointed in me after my failures at everything I have tried, and it helped, some, but yet, I do not know if I truelly believe it. I do not know, if what he said was how he really felt, or if what he said was him trying to be a good father, which he has always been. What makes this worse, is that I am my fathers only son, his only chance to carry on his name, his proffession, I am his only son, and yet, I cannot do things right. I am ending this post right now, and am in tears again, thinking of the disappointment I know that my father must feel, the hurt my ex must feel that I have all caused. I do not know WHY I am writing this out, just, that i need to, I do not know that this is the right place to do so, I am most certain it is not. But I do not keep a journal, I do not write unless I intend to have it read by someone else FYI, I am not writing this as a suicide note, I have thought about it, but I know how much it tears me up with the pain that I have caused, that I dare not commit suicide because of the pain that I would cause in my parents, and at least for now, my ex. I have decided not to end this, but to go on with my current plans for life. Today, is a new day in my life. I have nothing left to lose, only place to go is up. Tomorrow morning at 8am, I go and take my thermo 2 test. I will fail it, even though I will continue to study for it through the night, I will try, but not likely I can pass...having missed alot of class the last few days, and not knowing there was a test till late saturday night. After class, I will go to the counselors office, I will set up a weekly appoinment schedule to speak with a persoanl counselor. I will go to Wal-Mart, pick up a pack of Nicotine Patches, and food. I will come home, I will cook and eat decent. I will go running. I may only make it half a mile before I can go no further, I may make it 5 carried on by adrenaline, I will see tomorrow. At some point, I am sure I will have to meet with my Basic MEasurements lab group, they will get shoved between stuff in the schedule appropriately. I will hop online, send an email to my guild leader in Everquest 2, and resign. I will do my homework for CADs, I will sleep, however, I may still need tylenol PM to do so, or I might be able to crash for hte first time in a week. I will do this, because it is the only thing that I can do. I MUST continue. The only things that I will also be doing, that are not for hte best maybe, is that I will continue until forced not to, to get her back. Otherwise, I will have nothing to hold on to. I suffer from mild depression as it is, a good day for me, I am still depressed. A bad day...well...shoulda seen me this week... for any gamers, and anyone else who would like to know why I am quitting the one 'social' activity I am involved in. I realize now, that the 8-20 hours a week I have beenspending in game, are 8-20 more hours a week I could have had with my ex. 400-1,000 hours a YEAR I could have had with her, that I did not have this last year. Even though I will nto be spending that 400-1000 yearly free hours with her, it is hours I can put towards something that really matters, and one day, time I can put towards someone in the future. Time I can spend showing how much I can love. it is now 12:57am, and I am getting back to studying.
  19. Well, on trying to maintain our distance from each other, that is going to be literally impossible for us not to interact often. We are financially tied together atm, with no way to end it, since she is unable to buy me out of the loan, and her family is unable to buy me out of the loan on her car (I am the lead cosigner, and her and her family do not have the credit to refinance the loan) she is under my insurance policy, only because that was the only way she could afford insurance. she doesnt know anyone who knows how to take care of the saltwater tank in her living room, unless she pays someone from the LFS to do it, which she cant afford...also...we kinda work together, and it is in a job that requires personal interaction. Yeah I know, it makes things difficult, but I am also not tryin to make excuses here either, there are just some things that we had done that brought our lives together that cannot be gotten out of.
  20. Morning everyone, I normally do not post on forums in serach of help, especially emotional help, but I am having problems, and foresee them persisting. Wednesday afternoon I ended a 6 year relationship. It was a mutual seperation, she is wanting to head back home to live after graduation, whereas I am taking the first train out of the state after I graduate, which is a year after her graduation. I am, quite simply, having problems coping. I cannot sleep, cannot get her out of my mind, I am involunatarily thinking about all the plans we had made, thinking of all the great times that we have had. Quite simply, I still lover her, and will for some time. My heart tells me to hope that perhaps things will change, while my mind tells me not to expect her to choose me over her home, her family and friends. I am having issues not hearing her voice as often as I am used to, I talked to her once today when she let me know that she had arrived home safetly and that was it. I have called her once since, even though I know that this was not the best thing to do, and she did not answer. I a also ajealous person, and am well, jealous, of any other opportunities that may present themselves to her. I want only the best for her, and yet, I want her for myself. I mean, six years of dating, I have no idea who I am without her, no idea what to do without her. Even doing my normal activities that I do when we are not together, I have problems putting forth normal attention towards them. I am constantly battling my regrets over things I did, or should not have done, that have led to this. A few hours after we broke up, I went over there ot talk to her, and we talked to her for a few hours, and she admitted that she was not happy, and had felt that we where growing apart over the last few months, which I understand her feelings, but I feel that is mostly due to our lack of time spent together which both of us focusing on our studies. She also said that events of 3 years ago, (I will go into these a little bit at the end) she has not gotten over, and that those are part of the reason for her decision. The events I mentioned, 3 years ago I left the military and started college, same school as her. We went form a long distant relationship over 3 years, to living a matter of minutes apart and seeing each other every day. This was a difficult time for us, we where having to deal with each others every day nuances, and had to learn alot more about each other. As the months wore on, I felt, as she did, that we where starting to grow apart then, some of it seeing as how we did not spend our time together quite the same as we had used to when we only saw each other once or twice a month. (Yes, in those days we spent alot of our time together in bed). Near the end of October, I left her near the beginning of the week, I went to a party that friday, and on saturday, I went to visit an ex-girlfriend in another town and spent the rest of the weekend there. I was contacted by this girl a few weeks previously, however, it did not play any part in my decision to leave my girlfriend at that time. the following week, me and my girlfriend had gotten back together, after I had told her about the event of the weekend. This had continued to be a problem randomly throughout the next three years we where together, and she listed it as part of her reasons on wednesday. I do not know what I am looking for here, consalation, advice, I dont know. But if anyone has any words to put forth, I am listening.
  21. I believe that is in the latter books, where Pevara? and some others in the tower found one or a few of the BA sisters and made them remove all oaths, reswear the three oaths..plus an added one that makes them tell them what they want to know..what the BA oaths where are mentioned. I dont care if the three oaths stay or go, but I feel that the Aes Sedai need to reenter teh community. that is why they are needed, they act so aloof from society that society doesnt trust them to start with, so they picked up the oaths to calm that some, and in some respects, has only made it worse...either in the double talk of A.S. or in likes of the whitecloaks naming them all DFs when something like Falme shows channelers using the power as a weapons (I know the whitecloaks did that before, but even normal people will begin to wonder..) the Athan'Miere and wise Ones do it right btw. They are completely trusted by their societies, and respected always.
  22. Wasnt the triangle and wavy lines one of the symbols on the portal stone in tGH? I think they gave Mat more answers because the need to get him out was so dire and urgent. They woulda done just aobut anyhting to get him to shut up and get movin
  23. I believe that alot of the reason they die is because upon the AS's death, they get the urge to avenge them with any means necassary, now, in most cases, any circumstance that would cause an AS's death (murder-wise) means that the opposing forces where way to overwhelming for the AS to take on, which means that the warder doesnt stand a snowball's chance in hell. I think this part of the bond is to help make sure that a warder does everything in his power to protect teh AS, since he would stand a much better chance of living with her in tow
  24. they have a link to a version that should be plenty big enough almost 4k b y 4k pixels
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