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Reqs for ACCEPTED: Esther Tremaine


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Accepted Requirements


  • Choose 3 of the Following:
    * Aes Sedai RP - RP with a sister(s) from any Ajah, while traveling (must have a plausible reason, and must have staff approval), in an intrigue or anything else of substance. Does not have to be the Ajah you are aspiring to.
    * Turning of the Wheel - A character specific roleplay where your character changes in some manner due to an event.
    * Create your own Character Centered RP - Must be approved by Staff
    * Transition - is similar to Homesickness, except adjusting to wearing the banded hem, the new rights and responsibilities that go with it.
    * Teach a class* - Min of 4 Classes (total of 1500 words). Must be RP'd to Completion.  - Must be approved by Staff
    * Take a Class* - Must be taught by an Aes Sedai. Must be RP'd to Completion.  - Must be approved by Staff
    * One Open Rp - Where a Random Rp is started and others are invited to take part, be it a Prank or a Free Day.
    * 100 Weaves RP - Practice & Application.
    * Introduction to Roleplaying Class - OOC - only once per person.
  • Accepted Quiz - Ooc. Must be completed before RPing as an Aes Sedai.
  • Three Oaths - Only to be completed when previous Requirements are completed and marked. Link to information: http://www.aliciawilkerson.com/whitetower/?page_id=23




"Reqs for ACCEPTED: Esther Tremaine"



  • Accepted Quiz - [Complete / Incomplete]



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