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Royal House Of Andor


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Well, it was really hard, because I had to go all the way to the pinned topic at the top off this forum called "Online Sources of Knowledge," and then, using only a finger, click the first link offered. THEN, I had to *gasp* look around for  a moment on the website in order to find it. Thank the Light I was able to spare you all of that, though. Luckily for you, I am able to bring you only one link to click, instead of four.

*goes to take a nap after all that exhaustive research*


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technically rands children not from Elyane have a claim to the throne


Perhaps, but not a good one. The lineage follows matrilineal lines; Tigraine's granddaughter through Rand would stand behind Dyelin, who matrilineally stands closer to Ishara. In fact any number of the female's of Tigraine's generation would, and then of Rands. Only after that would Rand's daughter through either Min or Aviendha be in the running. You see once you get out of the line of direct succession through the Daughter-Heir the throne goes to the woman with the closest matrilineal connection to Ishara.


Not that it actually occurs that way. Which is what Elayne's plot through the last three books shows. Still, thats the guiding principal about strength of claim outside the direct succession.


It's all a bit of a moot point, but yeah.

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