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I am the creator!


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Well I thought I might as well introduce myself, I have been here before but I just kind of phased out for a while there and ghosted the forum rather than posted because I couldn't remember my password and apparently I had the wrong email :S.


So a bit about me:


My name is Colton, and I'm an addict.

I read the whole series usually about one and a half times a year, depending on whether I am having a literary year or not. When I am not living in Randland, I enjoy the works of GRRM, Hemingway, Tolkein, Asimov, Wilbur Smith and a whole plethora of other wonderful authors, including JK Rowling (please don't lynch me). I am one that likes to figure things out for myself, though I do enjoy listening to and debating against other peoples ideas (even when I know I am losing). You could say I have some of the Two Rivers stubborness in me. I love movies and video games and LOST and anything that makes my mind-engine roar. So there is a bit about me, feel free to post about yourself, or not, but I will hopefully see you all around. :)


oh and I am indeed the Creator.

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including JK Rowling (please don't lynch me).


Ha, no lynch squads here! Lots of JK Rowling fans here, especially over at the Blues.  :)


Welcome to DM! Many of us here like those authors. We had a book discussion thread at the Stump once upon a time. I may need to resurrect that...

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