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Hello from Australia


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Got to love people who move all over this crazy globe - I'm an American residing in the UK, myself!  ;)  And welcome from wotmania - I came here from there some 8+ years ago, and have been pretty happy here... enough that I stayed here instead of there.  That, and as I said to Amys - I couldn't ever remember my password at wotmania.  >__>



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Welcome to Dragonmount my friend, and have no worries, we would be nice to you even if you wernt a refugee from wotmainia, we are just too good natured here to be rude (well we can be but good naturedly)  ;D


Anyway I havnt been around long enough to of heard of wotmainia before now (Which is sad I have heard it was a good site) but I still think I will feel the loss of it in the coming days. But on to more happy subjects, such as what this site has to offer  8)


I shall start with the Orgs, were you can discuss and hear about a wide rang of things and take part in games and such (I was only a member of the Illuminators so I cant tell you really anything about the other orgs). Then there are the Divisions were you can (If you feel like it) take part in the turning of the wheel so to speak, and spin the thread of a character's (or two) life set in the Wheel of Time universe. Other then that we have the general discussions on both the books and everyday things. But I shall not tell you everything, for half the fun of something new is discovering stuff about it.


Anyway, if you have any questions feel free to ask, and I or one of the other staff (Perhaps Raeyn here) will try and answer it asap, other then that have fun storming the mount  ;D

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