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She Smells Like Trouble - Erita Drop Off & Welcome (Open to All tho Need a Sage)


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    "It's all right," Erik reassured, his voice low and even. The peace, the quiet meditation that swung through him, his soul but a drop in an ocean of still waters. The sense of presences, of wolves and kin all around him, were immense and dulled. Little could overwhelm him while within the Stedding's borders.


    Erik's right hand rested on the girl's shoulder, Lynx's reins in his other hand, he pushed her forward gently. He did not grip her, did not tighten and throw her forward. He guided her forward, and with a moment's hesitation, she complied and the two walked forward, a slow and contemplating procession.

    "It is called a Stedding. This is where I live, Erita," their eyes did not meet as they walked, both watched the woods and trails, senses stretched, muscles eased. But he was using that same voice again.. hushed, low, warm and even with her. It was difficult to think of yelling at her like he had before, of growling and cursing. Had she grown on him? Had he become accustomed to her presence so much? Or was it him to her, that he had grown to accommodate her?

    "I don't want you to be afraid. Okay? There is nothing to fear here. Few places in this World are as safe. There is a village up ahead. You will see others, people," she tensed-Light that voice again!-he continued, "like us. Golden eyes and immaculate manners like myself." She did not laugh, but he could sense she dared to allow herself close to it. Standing this close she did smell clean and ready. He doubted he smelled of anything more than he usually did: musk, tabbac, pine and alder dust, and dirt. There was dirt in his joints, he was certain of it.

    "They will examine you, at the Infirmary, make sure you're in good health and no be coming down with any ill spell. Aye, here."


    Erik pointed as the trail they walked turned a corner, the trail became more a road clear with cart and wagon tracks, and ahead the squat buildings stood proud from the forest.

    Welcome home.




OOC: from Out of One Nightmare - West Board. Let Erita post, then anyone feel free to step in. Cheers. She does need a check-up, so that will be the eventual end of this post, or at least an importantish one.

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As they rounded the bend she could see how the track just disapeared into a rough road like structure, then her eyes lifted and she stoped dead. The rooftops made it all seem real, and memories of the last town she been in entered her mind. She could hear the snort behind her and then feel the hot air hit her neck. Turning she peted the mule of her horse, his ears was up, and the eyes alert, maybe he too remembered, or maybe he just smelled something of interest.


Silently she drew her breath, she could do this, she had managed so much more, these were surely just peasants and farmers. Brushing imaginary dust of her dress she picked up her step again with lifted head and followed Erik.

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  • 5 months later...

Rhya was in a good mood that morning having spent the time alternately working in her herb garden and playing with Shadow and for once there was nothing on her mind to spoil the day.


With Shadow off hunting, she was now walking jauntily through the Stedding, singing quietly to herself as she headed to the Infirmary to visit Aislyn. Stopping off there for a mug of hot tea and a chat had become something of a habit over the weeks and one that Rhya looked forward to. Today she had some surplus herbs to give to the Sage, Aislyn having mentioned that she was in short supply of one or two which Rhya knew that she had at home. She’d never make use of all the stocks she’d built up and it would be a shame to waste them.


As she approached the village, she spotted Erik with a young girl in tow. They looked to be newly arrived, still dusty from the road and the girl was giving off a timid and uncertain air that was common amongst Wanderers. Rhya angled her approach to intersect with theirs and called a greeting to Erik. Formalities over, he soon introduced her to the Wanderer.


“This is Erita,” his voice had the sound of one not prone to much talking. “She needs to see the Sages.”


She eyed the girl with interest. Shorter by a good bit than Rhya, her face was surrounded by long blonde hair and showed an innocence that was captivating. Pretty little thing, Rhya thought, wondering what her story was.


“I’m on my way to see Aislyn now, I’ll take her if you like,” Rhya offered, with a warm smile for the girl. “Greetings Erita, I’m Rhyanon. Welcome to the Stedding. You must be tired and hungry after your journey but we’ll soon make you comfortable.”



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Erita despite her vow to herself to handle the situation felt slightly disturbed by the presence of more yellow eyes. Despite getting somewhat used to Erik she still had troubles accepting this as normal. She managed to bite her tongue though and nod in acceptance of the introduction like she had learned from in her time of being a noble born and raised girl. She had troubles not turning her head to look after Erik as she followed the woman, sudenly the man who had caused her so much fright seemed the only safe holding point in her new surroundings. She kept her distance a couple steps too the side of the woman, watching her warily from the corner of her eye.

"Thank you" she hadn't fully forgot her manner, her horse was tailing behind her, tripping nervously, showing the signs she herself wouldn't let  herself. She tried to pay attention too where they were going, but between trying to make sure her horse didn't jolt, and keeping an eye on Rhyanon she soon was lost. And then she looked up too see they were standing outside a building, she stopped dead in her tracks, feeling lost at what to do next.

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This one’s jumpy, Rhya could smell the wariness and apprehension pouring off the girl as they walked towards the Infirmary.


The village was quiet, with only a few children playing in sight and no-one approached them. She half expected Erita to bolt given a chance though to give the lass her due she was doing a grand job of keeping her expression blank. In other company that might have worked but amongst the ‘Kin there were other ways to establish someone’s moods and emotions.


Keeping her voice gentle and friendly, Rhya instructed the girl to tie her horse to the railing at the steps. “Someone will take your horse to the stables and you’ll be able to check on it later. Don’t worry, you will both be well cared for. This is the Infirmary where our Sages work to keep us all healthy. If you’re hungry Aislyn will no doubt have food for you.” She added with a smile and a conspiratorial wink, “There’s always food on the go here. It’s why I visit so often. Come along.”


Rhya led the way up the steps and into the building, walking confidently along the white-walled corridor until she reached some chairs. “Take a seat here Erita and I’ll go fetch Aislyn.”


Seeing that Erita had hesitantly done as bid, Rhya stuck her head through the doors to a couple of the treatment rooms only to find them empty and went to try the kitchen instead. Sure enough, she found Aislyn, complete with apron and wisps of hair escaping her normally tidy bun, busily cooking something on the stove that had Rhya’s taste buds waking up and her mouth watering.


“Aislyn, sorry I’m late.” She placed the basket she carried onto the newly scrubbed wood of the table. “The herbs I promised you. There should be plenty to keep you going. I met Erik on the way over and he’s brought you a new Wanderer. A young girl called Erita.”


“Oh thank you Rhya, they’ll be most useful. Where is the girl? I’d better see to her first and we can have our chat later.” Aislyn’s demeanour was instantly all professional concern as she followed Rhya back to the seating area. Erita seemed even more timid and scared than she had before if that was possible and Rhya felt for her, hoping she was strong enough to cope with all the unfamiliar things being thrust upon her.


“Erita, this is Aislyn,” Rhya smiled, indicating the tall, slender woman beside her. “I’ll leave you in her capable hands now and hopefully see you again later.” In a stage whisper she added, “Make sure she gives you some of whatever she was making just now, it smells delicious.”


At Aislyn’s tolerant laugh, Rhya grinned and waved before leaving the two alone and heading back outside. Now what to do with the rest of the day?


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Resting a light hand on Erita's shoulder, Aislyn smiled at the young girl. "You must be very tired after your journey, child. Let's sit and I'll get you some food and drink." So saying, she guided the girl to her sitting room and took a comfortable looking chair, indicating as she did so that Erita should do the same.


Catching the attention of a passing trainee, Aislyn asked for some hot food and fresh tea to be brought, and that done she turned her attention back to the girl in front of her, patting her bun back into some semblance of tidiness.


"Take a seat dear and tell me a little about yourself and your journey. Feel free to ask any questions you have, I will do my best to answer them and put you at ease." As Aislyn spoke she studied the girl before her, her trained eyes searching for any sign of injury or discomfort.



Aislyn Brealos


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  • 5 months later...

Erita took one last look behind her at her horse before entering the building. Each step made it all feel more final, but she didn't want it to be true, and she certainly didn't trust these people. She took a seat as bidden, glad to be able to sit finally since her legs had been shaking beneath her dress for quite a while. What would her mom think if she had been here? That made her quelch sour laughter. She could but imagine. Losing herself in her mind, remembering her grandmother instead, wishing she was here. She always had something wise to say that turned any situation around.


She heard a noise, then a voice and shook herself out of her melancholy, looked around and located the source of her disturbance just as a hand pressed onto her shoulder lightly. A new woman, another one with yellow disturbing eyes, but before she could think of what to do the woman luckily stepped back and guided the way towards another room. Erita sank back into one of the more comfortable chairs, realising she had been cold suddenly and that the heat felt nice. She absently heard food and drink being ordered.


Her eyes were circling around the room taking it in, until they landed on the woman just as she turned and posed a question. "There isn't much to tell. I got myself lost, stumbled into some trouble and Erik helped me out. I was bound for Andor but apparently Erik ain't much of a fan of cities.." she grinned, thinking to make a joke, take the attention of herself. Her past was hers and there was no way she would risk being sent back. No, she needed to bide her time until she could figure out what to do, where to go.


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Aislyn nodded as though Erita's words all made perfect sense.


"I'm sure it was very trying and lucky that Erik was able to assist you. Few of the Wolfkin like cities. We tend to keep very much to ourselves here in the Stedding. Those who don't mind so much usually become our Watchers, out in the world gathering news and such." 


A knock at the door brought in one of the apprentices, complete with a tray laden down with bowls of vegetable soup, large soft rolls smothered in hot butter, and a covered pot of tea. Having seen that the tray was placed safely on the scrubbed wooden table in the centre of the room, Aislyn nodded appreciation to the girl who then withdrew.


"Now this is more like it, do you not think, Erita? Hot food and a full belly are always a help in feeling better about things I find." She smiled. "Help yourself to however much you'd like, dear. There's plenty more."


Aislyn busied herself pouring two cups of steaming tea, and sweetening them with a little honey. She placed one before Erita and leaned back, sipping on her own. "I'm sure Erik must have explained to you that, while we never force people to stay here with us at the Stedding, you're very welcome to make your home here with us. We have all come from very different places, different backgrounds and, often, very bad experiences. But the Stedding is a healing place and we've built our own family."


The Sage was feeling her way carefully. Years of experience with new Wanderers and handling awkward patients gave her some instinctive insights. "You will find no judgements here, Erita. Nobody will trouble you for your history if you prefer not to speak of it. Questions only ever come out of friendly interest. Is there anything you'd like to ask me?"



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Erita felt herself sigh as she looked at the food, proper food, properly prepared, oh how she missed that on the road, her eyes momentarily closed as she took in the full scent of it. Lifting a spoon to her mouth she savoured it and couldnt help but smiling happily at the woman as she swallowed the first mouthfull.


And she happily accepted the tea with honey too, this sudenly  reminded her of her time with her grandmother, oh it wasnt the age as much as the same safe feeling. She thought of the town, of the reaction, of the picture of herself in the river - her eyes. And it all just brimed over for her, she didnt even at first realised she spoken out loud what she had thought "oh, Grandma.." she had taken to talk to her old ma in her head after she was gone.


Erita blushed as she realised what she said and hurriedly whiped a tear that had rested in the corner of her eye away. "i'm sorry.." She looked down into the teacup her hands were holding and got this overwhelming sence of how her ma would react amd what she would said.


"I.." She took a breath, "I..it all..I lost my grandma, it's what it all started with" she nibled her lower lip, then chuckled as she could almost hear Caranna tell her to stop, and ladies did not do such things. The borderlander streak in her woke as she lifted her eyes and looked at the woman "Thats when I ran off and became Celerita." She drew her breath and waited gauging the womans reaction, she was like these people now, she would need to be strong like her grandma, and well there was no going back for her more then it likely was for them. Sudenly the tought of her proper up-thight mama having her returned with her new eyes to marry her of, the tougth of her expression made Celerita laugh.


She realized as many new dangers as this life brought, it for sure made her safe from the part of the reason she originally fled, yet part of it seemed to be fullfilling itself. She wouldnt have to marry out to the countryside, but she would very much loose her citylife, and she had no idea what she would do or how long her inheritance would last her. A frown worried her forehead, her plans for Tar Valon would not work in a village like this, and she wasnt sure how much her education would help her either.



in a pickle


Ooc will see what more comes for me during the day

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Aislyn made a soft sound of sympathy and removed the cup from Erita's hands before holding them in her own, squeezing the fingers gently. 


"Now, if you need to shed tears, little one, that's just what you should do. There's no shame in grieving the lives and people we are forced to leave behind. Nor those who leave us. No shame at all. You are quite, quite safe here. Nobody is going to make you do anything you really don't wish to do," she reached over, patting Erita's cheek softly, with a reassuring smile. "Now how about you finish this food, and then I'll take you to a lovely room where you can have a bath and put on some fresh clothing? I do have to check you over, as much to make sure that you will pose no threat to the other 'kin as for your own health. But it will be very quick, I promise. You certainly look healthy enough so far and I don't foresee any real problems. Then you may sleep or go out to explore a little." 


The Sage paused, considering the young girl. "Would you like to stay here with me? We have several empty bedrooms at present. They're kept for Wanderers to use. Or you could go to the Barracks if you'd prefer. Though I have to say," she dropped her voice in a conspiratorial whisper, and winked, "my cooking is far superior to what you'll get there!" 



(OOC: If you're happy enough and don't have anything else specific to cover, just do your reply stating where you'd like to live for the moment, consider this thread done and move on. :) )

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Celerita quickly finished the soup, scooping out every last drop with a piece of bread. The talk and food made her feel almost like her old self again, and while she felt odd thinking about herself again as Celerita, it felt right, she would not go back to her old name, it was given by the mom she left behind.


She nodded in understanding hearing about the health check, and then thougth about how it would feel sleeping in a bed again. The idea of sleeping in barracks though well while she had thougth it a fun adventure once as a kid sneaking out doing just that untill they found her, she was over such childish ideas and having had more then enough simple sleeping outside. she just presumed they would resemble that of the soldiers ones she had ventured into, smelly, narrow rooms, maybe bunk beds, and were happy to accept the offer of a room with Aislyn. Celerita figured she would better not say what she was thinking though, she migth feel that the woman reminded her somewhat of her ma, but she didnt know her and wouldnt want to say something about this place which may offend her.


"Well, I do love your cooking, and sleep sounds nice, if your sure there is room, I am more then happy to stay here" she put on a smile, hoping it would sufficient, she would need to find a way to repay her later, maybe embroider something, she still had some treads in her luggage. she would have to figure out more of the womans taste though first. 


ooc okey dokey will call that a wrap up then, and see what will come up with next for this one, maybe figure out her wolfname or some such

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