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  1. (OOC: Those who need them can find a full description of the Wolfkin Territory, Stedding and the Tracker Lodge HERE & the Citadel HERE. You can find Rhya's bio, complete with update, HERE , for reference. I've read Nox's and Merdyn's bios obviously. If anyone else wants to hop in, we can take that as it comes.) *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* (IC) The soft whisper of leather against stone echoed softly around the Citadel's lofty corridors as the young woman's footsteps took her ever closer to the Council's meeting chamber. Dust motes spun lazily in the air at her passing
  2. Rhya halted abruptly at the edge of the village, bending to remove boots and socks with uncharacteristic impatience. The previous day seemed to have left her with a bone deep feeling of constraint. She wasn't quite sure how to get rid of it...how to regain the freedom of spirit normally provided by the Stedding. She wiggled her toes on the soft carpet of the forest, breathing deeply of the scent of pine needles and stretched her arms high, elongating her spine in a satisfying stretch before padding off in the direction of the tree house with a sigh of relief. The trip back to the
  3. Ooc someone wants in contact me and can work out an good entry while keeping to overal plan of RP ---- Erita, nay Celerita she reminded herself having taken back the full name she changed too when first leaving home, streatched as she sat up in bed. She was not sure what to think, the last night had been a lot to take in, she liked her room though, and was glad it had been offered. She felt like she had slept in way late though, and a quick look out the window confirmed as much. She found there was some water in the pitcher, room temperature, but she didnt mind and she
  4. "It's all right," Erik reassured, his voice low and even. The peace, the quiet meditation that swung through him, his soul but a drop in an ocean of still waters. The sense of presences, of wolves and kin all around him, were immense and dulled. Little could overwhelm him while within the Stedding's borders. Erik's right hand rested on the girl's shoulder, Lynx's reins in his other hand, he pushed her forward gently. He did not grip her, did not tighten and throw her forward. He guided her forward, and with a moment's hesitation, she complied and the two walked forward, a slow and con
  5. (OOC Note to self - Takes place a week prior to the "Butterfly on a Wheel" RP) It didn't look intimidating from a distance. It looked beautiful. Shrouded in low lying mist, a stillness hung over the ancient oak tree, it's gnarled limbs lost somewhere far above the curling, silver tendrils that circled its trunk like a lover's last embrace. A hush mantled the forest in general; a thick, heavy cloak of silence. No sounds of birds disturbed the dawn air and no scurrying woodland inhabitants rustled the undergrowth. This was the beginning. The solitary figure began walking
  6. Jack tilted his head looking at the overgrown fox, "So what we up too today, cutie?" He took a swig of his last bottle of brandy. "Need to find some humans, no?" his voice was growing a slur as he looked at the bottle. He needed more. But he was also hungry. "Food firrrst dont youh thrink?" he stumbled to his feet and took two steps against the treeline, then fell on his ass in the middle of the small opening they had rested in. She got onto her feet walking over and jumped on his chest, sending the image of him sleeping, followed by her hunting. That odd rumbling sound came out of
  7. The summer sun is fading as the year grows old And darker days are drawing near Rhya had pulled back the curtains with a distinct lack of hope that morning. Outside, the sky had been greeting the start of a new day with an impressive array of grey shades, along with a sort of smug heaviness that promised rain would be an all too likely outcome. Ten days ago, with torrential rain halting all but the most essential outdoor activities, she'd made the mistake of voicing boredom to Owen. She really should have known better. Spending the week in the salting rooms with the
  8. I am a man-wolf, I am a wolf man I have half a canine mind I have half the mind of a man I am neither of one kind Maybe it was only an hallucination I made a thorough investigation The image had a power that clings To my jaded imagination My brain has found the bells it rings Sunlight after a long dark night, the sounds of birds singi
  9. Rahien sighed, stretching his aching muscles and putting down his pick. He rested it on the wall of earth in front of him and knuckled his back. He bent down and hefted another of the rough oak planks, putting it in place. Digging into the hard earth of the hillside was slow going at times, but Rhya and he had been at it for a number of days now. They only were able to work on it here and there between classes and such after all. To be fair, he and Rhya were not alone in their efforts. Others had brought supplies, some had helped dig, while yet others had simply brought nice hot meals just wh
  10. Continued from Pick Up thread:- Finding the Wolves (Outside of Cairhien) Winifred laughed softly, watching as the young man and the wolf ran around in circles. Emotions were literally pouring from the Wanderer. Surprise, tension, excitement, happiness; they all jostled for supremacy and so strongly that Winifred slammed her own "shields" up to save herself from the onslaught. They continued their progress upwards for some time under the thick canopy of the forest. Eventually, Winifred called to Jace, suggesting he moderate his pace somewhat before he went headlong over one of the ma
  11. Felvere of the House Staedryn was hungry. He had never felt hunger such as this in his life. He had gone a whole day without food, nearing two now. His coat was muddy and torn, his clothes filthy and his boots were showing signs of wear. He'd have to replace them the moment he found a merchant or a tailor or cobbler capable enough to serve someone of his standing. Did he even have a standing anymore? Felevere's jaw tightened, his teeth grinding together, and he straightened his back. Of course he did. He was born noble, he would stay noble forever. It was in his blood. But...hadn't he defa
  12. As Jace entered the woods he began to slow down. He had been running since he left the tavern in Cairhein and it was nightfall as he entered the woods. Running might get him to the wolves faster, but thought it would be better if he went to them in a calm manner. I must be going insane. I'm actively seeking wolves. Jace thought. Regardless of his thoughts, Jace was still convinced that the answers that he was seeking would be found with the wolves. He heard a wolf howl to the moon coming from the south and continued to move in that direction. His enhanced senses helped him see in t
  13. ((Lets hope I still remember how to do this xD)) Winter and Forest Shadow sat beneath the boughs of a pine tree, quietly resting after an afternoon of cutting wood to be used for various things around the Stedding. He was still a Pup among the Pack here, having not actively gone out and attempted to gain a rank or a higher place amongst the Wolfkin. His sister Forest, who was in fact a wolf where he was human, told him that such things were needed sometimes. So long as he helped and was useful then he did not need to challenge anyone for their rank. This was of course not how things worked a
  14. Doha yawned as she lazily weaved a crown of wild flowers. She had traveled miles away from Fal Dara into the leafy forest for this? "Perhaps I truly am mad." she muttered as she reminisced of a time before, when she had met a wolf in this very forest. The wolf had promised her guidance. "Whatever guidance could be offered for a mad woman? I may as well fancy about marrying princes and wearing dresses with bonnets, and lace!" she exclaimed. Doha hated lace. She was feminine in certain ways, such as weaving flowers and dancing, but her other personal traits were those of the armed men in
  15. Burrich maneuvered his way around buildings and people as he ran through the Stedding from the Ranger training grounds to the inn. As a Guardian he'd been invited to move into the Ranger barracks, but he had an Ogier-size bed at the inn so he'd decided to stay there until he could find or build a place of his own. As he ran people and wolves alike dodged out of his way, looks of worry and curiosity creasing their faces as they wondered what could send the gentle giant running with such concern on his face. Many called out to him, but in his haste he didn't even hear them until he was well p
  16. Blaeric turned around, a grin threatening to split his face in two as he raised his first in triumph. “Now that is a throw that you will only better if the Creator is sitting on your shoulder Owen, and I wager he is not tonight as I am convinced he is sat on mine.” The man standing to Owen’s side groaned in exasperation at Blaeric, shaking his head in mock frustration at the younger Ranger’s boastful tone. “Blaeric have I not taught you any better than this? Boasting is the downfall of the unwary on many occasions and I have no doubt tonight will be yours.” “Oh that
  17. ~ I told you to turn a left back there ~ Nightfall had the faintest aroma of smugness. Lorelai frowned. ~ This is a shortcut ~ ~ Yes. A shortcut to getting lost. You humans. Always trying to find a way to complicate a simple matter.~ Lorelai grumbled. She didn't much enjoy when Nightfall went all philosophical on her. She took that route many times to cut a half a day off the journey back to the Stedding. She got turned around for a moment, but she knew exactly where they were! Alaya was quiet. She spoke here and there. But nothing more than what she had to, whenever Lorela
  18. A cold breeze tugged at the cloak Winter had found in his hosts spare room's wardrobe, and snow was able to blow under it. It was a light snow, but it had been falling for about half the day, the weather was oddly cold for what it should be, though still warm for a Boarderlander such as himself. He was heading towards the Hole in the Wall, a place he had heard a few of the locals talking about, though he didnt quite know why he was going. Beside him Forest walked beside him happily, they had stayed around house for a few days while Winter had recovered from the journey from the Boarderlands. B
  19. OOC: I fuigured I would start the thread. But, if I am out of line, feel free to delete it and give me a smack. Winter leaned heavily on the walking staff he had bought a few days ago, he had never walked so much in his life but was deteremed to not give up. So far he thought he was doing alright, but he had to admit he wouldnt be able to go further without the steady support from Forest Shadow who was walking easily beside him. "Common, how do you expect to get anywhere if you cannot walk more then a few miles?" She said beside him with what he figured was a laugh from a wolf. "I
  20. Rhya shared a look with Owen, her own feelings of wonder as she'd crossed that invisible barrier amongst the trees uppermost in her mind. A slight smile curved her mouth as she recalled the moment but it was wiped instantly away by Arienna's unexpected reaction. The girl actually glared at her as though it was somehow Rhya causing fault. Rolling her eyes with a sigh, Rhya was still moved to empathise with the newcomer. The girl was, after all, getting one shock after another. A few days of settling into the Stedding, some good food and she'd hopefully calm down. Owen's quiet words brought
  21. ~ Are you sure? ~ ~ Yes, Midnight, I'm sure ~ Winifred rolled her eyes at the question. Winifred sighed. Midnight had been bugging her for hours, claiming that the girl hadn't moved in a while now. Only, she wasn't going to be fooled by her acting. She had sufficient air supply, the bounds weren't tight enough to cut off circulation and her scent felt too cheery to indicate anything but a very alive person. It was quite odd. The conditions of travel were not exactly what Winifred would call ideal. At least, she wouldn't find being bound and covered with a sack to be fun. But apparen
  22. . Almost a month had slipped away and Owen had still not regained consciousness, something that caused Rhya and others in the Wolfkin great concern, but also growing optimism that Owen could still recover. However Rhya had been warned that it could be a long wait and there was still a chance that he could die. They had done their best to make him as comfortable as they could, but Rhya knew Owen would not want to be in a place like this but no matter how much she pleaded with Aislyn, the Sage had been adamant that Owen had to stay where they could watch him and not have to be inconven
  23. “Now in your last lesson in the Dream world you were taught how to jump from place to place, but only on line of sight, tonight we are going to expand on that lesson and you are going to learn to jump to places you have been before and know well. We will start off with somewhere obvious, the stables in the Stedding.” Rhya wrinkled her nose, slightly, at this, and Owen knew full well that many people were not fond of the smell of the Stables, Rhya being one of them, which is why he had picked the stables. “Now, the first thing you have to do is picture the stables in your mind, build
  24. As the first rays of dawn break over the highest peaks an eagle flies high above the Mountains of Mist, once more reveling in the sheer joy of flight. With a small movement of a single feather, an almost imperceptible twitch, his flight path adjusts as he catches sight of a hawk flying far below. Straining his sight all the way to the ground even further down he notices the mouse the hawk is hunting and another minuscule adjustment of his tail marks his final flight correction. The hawk, meanwhile, flies along intent upon his prey and oblivious to all else around or above him. He watch
  25. The sigh of relief that Rhya let out came from the tips of her toes. The journey had been so long that she had started to doubt her own ability to find the Stedding again. She had no difficulty as it turned out and need not have worried anyway since Shadow knew perfectly well how to get home but the farther they had travelled, the more self doubt had filtered into her thoughts. The morning had dawned bright and clear, the sun now well up in the sky as Rahien and she made the final approach to the Stedding. The ground had only a light covering of frost, the forest being too dense to allow
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