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WS 15 to 18 (additions/changes)


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There was little variance in the WS 15 to 18 choices so we've added a few and made one change. I will update the website accordingly hopefully this week but paying clients get priority to free stuff.


The current Create your Own RP is moving to manditory - by this point you should be able to create your own rp with one person.


Add in the following choices:


- Create your Own RP - Anything goes as long as it involves two other players (must be other people). Min 10 posts.  RP must be approved by Staff

- Create your Own RP - Create an interdivisional RP (other than the White Tower) involving at least one other player (must be another person).  Min 5 posts.  RP Must be approved by Staff.

- Going Above and Beyond - In the RP you will have a simple task given to you by someone you will do the task but things were not as simple as expected.  You will need to show that you are capable of doing what you must to complete your task even if it means doing more than what you were told to do. Min 7 pots.

- Following Orders - Whether you are a Warder or a Tower Guard you are required to follow orders.  In this RP you must display that you are capable of following orders even if you don't 100% agree with them. Min 5 posts.



Master at Arms

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