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Robert Cole

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Hi I´m Robert. I read wot since ???.... I started reading around early 2007.

I managed to stop reading at the end of the road of the spear. Which is the second book of the german edition of the third book. If I had not I would still be reading and had no time to do more important stuff like studying and eran money to pay my dues.

It is like being a junky in detoxation.


Anyway, hello and have a good time!

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you know you want to give into the urge pick up the book pick up the book pick up the book *uses hypnotising voice*


lol, yeah the books are great, so good luck on finishing them *s* and when you do you can reread to get all the details you lost the first time around ;)

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Wow! Your handle brought back some memories! I once worked with a brilliant linguist named Robert Cole. You're too young to be him, though.  :)  Welcome to DM!

Savor each book. When I found them back in 2003, I read them too fast and missed a lot of stuff. On the other hand, as Liitha said, you can always reread them.  :D 

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