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(Moved from Tinker DG) The Children Are Our Future.

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* Gramps closes the porthole that he used to Travel here from SG...he's visiting there on the CoL bus...removes his Whitecloak tunic, shakes off the dust, then folds it neatly and places it on a large stump near the fires *

* holds his hands out toward the flames and shivers slightly *


Looks like it's going to be an early Fall.

That's OK.

I can handle cool weather much easier than I can the heat.

You can always put more clothes on, but you can only take off just so many before people start to complain!  ;D

Man, this fire really feels good!

And it's WONDERFUL to be back at the wagons once again...it's been far too long that I've been away.





Shayol Ghul.


Where HAVEN'T my travels taken me lately?

Next to the peace of a stedding, it is always most pleasant and restful to be among the Wagons of the Tuatha'an.



I hate to be too bold, but...you wouldn't happen to have any of that delicious vegetarian chili already made would you?  Please don't bother if you don't.  It's just that I can't seem to get enough of that delicious stuff!

* a young lass nearby wearing an orange head scarf with a sky blue top and bright yellow dress barely hiding her red slippers jumps up excitedly and makes a beeline for her parent's wagon to fetch a bowl and spoon *

* she returns shortly and dips a large helping out of the cast iron kettle hanging above their smaller cooking fire *

* with a grand smile and a bit of a blush on her face she offers the special treat to Gwampy *

* the Honorary Gleeman accepts the offer and bows his head appreciatively *

Thank you, my dear.  :)

* she blushes even deeper...not quite matching her slippers *

* GrandpaG just smiles and sips a spoonful of chili *

OOOOOOOoooo...how I have missed THIS!!!

* the old buzzard just barely controls his devouring of the magical mixture *

* when the bowl is empty, he sits it down regretfully *

* the girl scurries over and picks up the bowl *

Would you care for another bowl, master Gleeman?

* Gwampy holds up his hand showing her his palm *

No, thank you, sweetheart.

I really LOVE that stuff, but if I over do it you all will suffer the dreaded "Gwampy gas"!!!

Believe me...I'd better stop at just one bowl!!!

But, thank you.

* the girl smiles understandingly and goes to rinse off the dishes *

* with a satisfied smile on his face, Gramps slides down to the ground and leans back against the log that he had been sitting on *

* he crosses his legs Indian-style and fills his pipe with good Two Rivers tabac *

* a burning twig from the fire soon has the smoke curling around the old man's head *


Next best thing to an ice cream bath!!!  ;D


* after a long period of watching the fire and some heavy-duty relaxing, Gramps recovers from his trance and looks around *

* several other adult males have joined him and seem to be likewise peacefully content *

* the smoke from their pipes rises to join the smoke from the main fire and is quickly assimilated and cast upward *

* the odor of a campfire is always special as long as the wind keeps blowing the smoke toward the ugliest person present and it's someone other than you *  ;D

* of course, as is the case wherever you travel, the women refuse to take a few moments to relax...too much that has to be done, and it just CAN'T wait...so they are scurrying about doing this and doing that *

* the young children are at various types of play for the most part...a few are simply sitting on the ground picking at the grass deeply submerged in thought...a few of them have been assigned a task by their mama...some are climbing on nearby rocks or trees...a couple are playing with the dogs...one young lad has been up to no good and got caught...he's rubbing the seat of his pants and is headed for his bed sobbing *







* hating to break the precious silence, Gramps addresses a neighboring relaxer *

Did you ever think about how important kids are?

* a puzzled look of "where did THAT come from?" shows on the man's face *

Well, uhm...

What do you mean, master Gleeman?

* Gramps stares into the fire as he answers *

I'm sure that everybody feels love for their kids.

Every mom and dad want the very best for their little ones.

The same goes for grandpa and grandma.

But, that's not what I'm getting at.

* he pauses and seems to be staring even deeper into the fire *

What if there were no more children...ever...anywhere.

* a couple of nearby listeners cough, almost gagging on their pipe smoke *

* silence thick enough to cut with a knife hangs heavy in the air *

* deep, mournful, mad, sickening frowns adorn most faces at the fire *

* finally, one man speaks the thought that is on everyone's mind *

THAT, master Gleeman, is a truly GRUESOME thought!!!

I can't imagine a world without children.  :(

* the silence returns *

* the fire makes a loud pop in a mini-explosion and everyone jumps *

* a few nervous grins are shared *

* the gleeman regains his stare into the depths of the flames *

Was there ever a time when there were no children?

* he allows time for the question to sink in *

You remember the old story of Kan and Abbella.

What if things had gone differently?

What if the boys would have both wounded each other mortally?

What if their mama had never killed the serpent?

Or if their daddy would have eaten the forbidden prunes?

How different our world could have been.

Things are as we see them purely out of circumstance.

Had things...seemingly insignificant things...gone differently, we might not be sitting here enjoying this beautiful fire today...if your parent's wagons had not met and the ceremonies performed, you might not be here...or, had your mama's wagons met a different group of wagons than those of your papa's...you would not exist as you are today...you would have had a different dad...or none at all.

How many things had to happen "just so" in order for you to be here?

And, without you, your children would not be here.

* staring even deeper into the fire *

* swaying slightly *

How many of these "missed" circumstances would it take to erase all of the People in all of the lands?

And the others who are not of the wagons?

Could it not be said that they are also alive because of fate?

Every decision, however insignificant, adds to the possibility of a child not being born...or being born less than healthy...or not surviving to adulthood to take their turn at procreation.

* silence still rules supreme *

* GrandpaG continues *

I remember being a child.

* the comment brings several disbelieving glances *


And, I remember some things that could have ended my days way back then...I would not be here today...how about you?

* pauses for pondering *

* finally, a man wearing lime green pants and a turquoise shirt with white suspenders polka dotted in all different colors speaks up *

I once encountered a deadly snake in deep grass...my foot was but a hand away from it when I finally saw it...stopped just in time.

* several in the group nod in recognition of the close call *

* another man wearing a straw hat that had been tie-dyed with pink dye and baggy blue pants with a bib for a front over a tan-and-purple stripped shirt spoke *

I remember falling from far up in the tops of an old oak tree...I was sure that my days were done...I landed painfully on a large lower limb...my arm was broken and has never been the same...but my da got me down...I'm here today...could have been different.

* a younger man wearing a gold plaid kilt added his story *

* an old Tinker with only moderately colorful garb told his tale *

* many stories were shared *

* nods of recognition were plentiful *

* finally, one sagely appearing man testified *

The Way of the Leaf is to accept things as they are.

Death is a part of life.

There is no guarantee that any of us will see the morning sun tomorrow.

If the Pattern determines that all men are no longer needed, we will be removed from the weave.

* nods of agreement are plentiful *

* the Honorary Gleeman looks up from his trance and smiles *

Where else but here?

Where else but among the People?

Where else in all of Randland would a group of men agree on such a point?

Most of the High Lords in Tear would try to find some way to buy their son's or daughter's way out of destiny!

The Saldeans would likely form a mighty charge in defiance!

In Lugard, some hidden scheme to replace your own children with those of your neighbor on the butcher's block would be common.

Nowhere other than among the People will you find acceptance.


And truth.

The truth that says that what will be will be.

Every choice that is made is part of the weave.

If a branch breaks your fall, you survive.

It's part of the Pattern.

If you miss the branch and break your neck in the fall, that, too is part of the pattern.

If you choose not to climb the tree in the first place, is that part of the Pattern, too?

Or if you don't take that walk in the tall grass?

How about if your mama told you to stay out of that patch of grass and you walked there anyway?

Where does the Pattern end and personal choice take over?

What choices will YOUR children make that will alter THEIR life threads?

* several of the Tinkers are now staring deeply into the fire *

* one older gentleman adds a couple of more logs and pokes at the coals *

Your comments are disturbing, master Gleeman.

* nods of agreement abound *

* the sagely man speaks again *

We can do our best to teach them.

We cannot control their choices any more than we can adjust the weave of the Pattern.

We can share our beliefs with them.

We cannot make them accept what we believe as being true.

We can cherish every moment of every day that they are with us.

We can mourn if the Pattern takes them from us.

We can miss them if they join a different group of wagons in marriage.

We can be proud of their growth and accomplishments.

We can share their sorrows when they want us to.

We cannot live their lives for them.

We can love them...always.

* nods of agreement everywhere *

* tears fill the eyes of several of the older, more experienced men *

* one of the older dads gives his son next to him a hug *

* the Honorary Gleeman pulls himself upright and stretches almost yawning but not quite *

The children are our future.

* nods everywhere *

What's for dessert?



"What's for desert?" doesn't sound very appetizing...sorry for the misspelling.







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Thanks for posting, WiSed...many others read it but didn't post...must not have been impressed...you win some and you lose some, and then you die.  ;)

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