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Murder: Victim #6


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The day had been quiet, they slept in the peace of knowing that night they would kill again.  The others inside of Cari were all a frenzy, trying to take back control.  Meeghan was crying alone in a corner the gore was too much for her.  Marosa sat by idling trying to take back control every so often.  Her blights became the strongest just as the shadow picked a victim, she wanted her own turn at some fun.  Kayla and May were exhausted from trying so long.  Cari's own personality sat back and waited.  There was no use in fighting, the shadows control was too strong.  But deep in the recesses of her own thoughts lingered the need to kill.  She could feel it, could sense the shadows ultimate desires. It wasn't like the others in her mind, this was something new.


Evening dawned and the shadow woke to eat.  It was hungry and needed a good meal before the events began in the darkest of nights.  Tonight would be moonless. Tonight they would go into the heart of the Warder's Yards.


The shadow creepped in through a very well guarded gate.  Getting in was getting harder, but it was still possible if you waited long enough.  She wasn't sure how long she had waited, but there wouldn't be much time tonight before the morning rose.  She hoped she could get out with out any issues.  The shadow wished Cari had brought her fancloak with her, that would have made things so much easier, but the woman never brought it out of that box in her room.  It stayed hidden even from her children. 


The shadow moved through the shadows into the officers quarters.  It wanted a challenge.  And it soon found a door cracked and a man sitting at a lieutenants desk alone, in a room.  The challenge was to find a way in that would not alert him.  The shadow waited but no one came to open the door.  The shadow pushed the door open.  It heard movements and then grumbling, "Dang wind."  And he got up to shut the door.  Cari walked in first and the man nearly screamed.  But Cari was ready for that and covered his mouth, only a small yelp got out.  There was no time to play with this man.  The shadow quickly went to work killing him, a nice slight of the throat and then she slipped out of the room, closing the door behind her.


It was time to go it took too long to get in here and it would be morning soon.




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Arath walked hurriedly to the office he was supposed to report to. On a normal day he would wave to many of the aquantences he saw passing him by, but not today. The whole Warder's Yard was in an uproar- no one could trust each other. Somehow, a murderer had been killing people left and right, but the scary part was that no one knew who it was. It could be anyone- your best friend, your sparring partner, your commander, or that one Guard you see every day but never really talk to. The worst part about it was that they were the Tower Guard. They were the elite, and yet someone managed to get past all of their conciderable security and murder their comrades. It was a blow to their pride- if they could get past the Guard and murder men, they could get past the Guard and murder Aes' Sedai.


Still, they could not afford to let the news travel. The entire city of Tar Valon would be in a panic if they realized that someone was getting past them and breaching their security. They would be quick to point fingers at anyone- the butcher, the thatcher, that one man they never really got along with... It would be total anarchy. The Yards were full of tension and unrest, and everyone carried their weapons with them at all time. The sun was barely risen and he had just finished the night shift, and Arath had to go report his findings- or lack thereof- in his last patrol. There wasn't really much of a point, but for the sake of beurocracy they had to go through pointless ventures like that.


Arath entered the office complex, nodding tersely to the Guard standing outside, and found the right office. He knocked, but the door was not closed. Arath was about to appologise for the intrusion, but the words died in his throat as he saw what lay in front of him. The officer he was to report to was laying on the ground, his blood pooling around him. For an instant, he panicked, not knowing what to do, before he took control of himself and hurriedly exited the office. He had to go report this to Kynwric Gaiden.

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Kynwric was sitting in the office he had commandeered to use for the investigation, he had things scattered all about it and was thumbing through the notes he had been taking from each crime scene, copying them onto bits of paper and tacking them to the board in groups, sorted by each murder. He looked up when there was a knock at the door.


"Come in." He said sharply, expecting it to be another Accepted bearing a note from Aes Sedai demanding to know what was going on. There had been three so far and he expected no less than 5 more to be hot on their heels. Perhaps they would get the message this time that all information had to be released by Bryon, he had no authority to give anything over. It wasn't entirely untrue, he hadn't been granted Authority to release anything... he also hadn't been forbidden from doing it either.


He wasn't sure to be grateful or not when he saw Arath step through the door, but one look at his face let him know... "Who now?"

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