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Greetings from Georgia


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Hey guys and gals, I'm a new one..obviously, but just wanted to say hi and hope to figure out this massive site you have here.  I live in Athens, Ga, and am on my second read through. Hoping to get a little more indepth into the story and its many characters.



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Thanks for the welcome Barmacral, Corki, Loreina. Think I'm starting to get the hang of the site. It's a little strange for me to see so many people enjoying WoT, since this the first time I've ever talked to someone else who is a reader. Thanks again for the welcome and hope to see you all again in discussion, Orgs, and games


Barmacral thanks for the help earlier and I would appreciate meeting any DMer in the area.


Loreina its nice to meet you. I've only been to auburn once, a few years ago when I was visiting Universities. Do you live in the town or out in the plains region?


Oh yea, I'm in between classes right now so have some down. Is there any fun activities going on right now?

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I'm out in the plains.  :)


Fiddles and Games always has something going.  ;)  The rest depends on the Org you want to be involved with, cause they all have something going on. And the Tower frequently has multiple things going at once. For example, the Greens are doing a AS/Warder swap week, hence my Gaidin siggy.  :D  And the Browns are doing an Olympics activity. I'm ashamed to say I don't know what the others are doing, 'cause I'm playing Vampire Mafia atm.  ;)


Inside the Tower are all of the Ajah boards, the Warder's board, and the Aspirants' boards, so it's big, which means lots of posts. Here at DM we have Male Aes Sedai, so if you are interested in being a part of that Org, you do not have to be a Warder. You'll start out as a Novice(AS)/Algai(W), and work your way up to Accepted/Manshima, then on to AS/der'Manshima. I think the Band, the Kin, and the Illuminators are big too.


JD's SpyMaster Report recaps the goings-on in the Orgs in a funny sort of way. You can check it out at the Children of the Light board.  :)

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You know, if you go to Atlanta on labour day weekend, you'll meet lots of DM folk at DragonCon. Though at this point tickets'll be expensive and good luck getting a hotel... you might be better going next year instead unless you can find a place to crash.

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My first thought was "What a brave soul.  This person joins the site even though Russia has invaded them".  Then I realized you were from the states and you suddenly became less interesting. 



Not that you are uninteresting... I  mean I don't know you.... We could hit it off and you could develop a mancrash on me... cause that happens... and then you start to stalk me and wonder what my hair smells like.  Aha!  I don't have hair cause I shave it off just to spite people like you... and Raeyn. 


But if you are going to stalk me... not that I am encouraging it... I would suggest visiting the Seanchan boards. 


Welcome to DM too.

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As far as the stalking goes, its him or you. And Empy with a fanclub? Maybe once, before Justen Diablos came back and posted his AoL High episodes which can be found in the Seanchan forum. Hilarious stories about the Forsaken back when they were in highschool.

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