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  1. Actually found WOT randomly in early 2000s and couldn't put series down until caught up for crossroads release. Re-read at least once or twice amd have greatly enjoyed. Been a bit since last signed in but got up to many antics in Band. Possibly caused some tolerating grins on a couple of Aes Sedia while a novice... but fireworks and such are a tale for another time.
  2. Hello all. Been a bit since last signed on so guess best to start here. Nods
  3. Jörmungandr==> Snake biting its own tail may signify eternity or at least a redundent process till Ragnarök. blinding the eye==> would process proceed in the same manner or would fail safes begin to falture after subsequent repeat attempts at breaking the process (seven ages or attempts to break)? Sightblinder, may emphasis the DO's objective of breaking a repeating cycle. If broken, then what will time look like? Nothingness/Oblivian or an alternative flow of time. All conjecture but always fun......cheers
  4. Besides the lion's throne, another important chair repeatedly mentioned is the Seanchen's crystal throne. The angry owner of the chair could be Tuon. However, I'm not certain when Egwene's viewing occurs in relation to Tuon's storyline.
  5. Thanks Sid. I wanted to see if Moridin's POV fit a theme I've been thinking about. Hopefully so.
  6. Does anyone know what book and chapter Ishmael/Moridin's musing about the Age of Legend game similar to stones but with a key piece occurs? I can't recall the name of the game or the piece, just that control of the key piece is vital to winning the game and there are many strategies to winning. Thanks
  7. Thanks to all who posted responses to my previous question about manatherin's lineage. My apologies over a belated thanks, the last week has been hectic. Recently, I have been thinking about the nature of balefire. Wiki relates the effect of balefire as burning threads of the pattern. (i.e, unraveling weavings so that previous outcomes are null and burning the 'soul/thread' of said person so they are no longer able to be respun) (generalization). Without dealving into the Dark ones possible use/ banning of balefire, its nature seems to be paradox. Typically, Balefire destroys anything o
  8. An interesting interpretation. The white tower is on its way to re-unification and the Aes Sedai have Elaida's grand palace to consider. I doubt it, but males could move in to the future building "unifying the symbol" as it were and become one with the Aes Sedai. I wouldn't like this outcome, as it would be to synonymic with a two towers analagy
  9. Hello everyone, I have a possibly stupid/simple question and guess this would be the best forum. Does anyone know or have a lead on the lineage of Manatherens royal line? A little foggy, but I believe that Rand and Matt have both been referred to as true blood of Manetherin. I know Rand is an "adopted son" of manetherin's decendents, but I think it would be funny if the line dated back to Hawkwing. Mat could potentially be a descendent of Hawking. I'm not buildng any theory or totting a pre-established one. I just think it would be a comical scene if Matt told Tuon to listen here, I'm
  10. Jon Paul, The True Power very well may not need a Balance as it is outside the pattern, "poking its noise in". Thought I'd offer a counter though. If the dark one is eternal, as Verin says, then the pattern's destruction will not cause the demise of the Dark One. Per your arguement: If the true power is an extension of the dark one, then it is an outside influence being introduced into the realm and reality of the pattern. This implies that another outside power could potentially intrude. If the Dark Ones only desire is to destroy and the Creators only interest is to create then move o
  11. Sorry if I wasn't clear, kind of tired when I wrote that bit. Saidin/saidar is neutral I agree on that and was thinking that when I wrote the last bit. I just assumed the context would get through. Anyway, I am just wondering what the light web on Rand is. Didn't our favorite braid puller say something to the effect that it was foreign. (i.e, she wasn't certain what it was and at least not saidar, probably not saidan as she was involved in the cleansing and may have some incling of what it is). I just feel that the books have a continuous theme of balance and that whatever this new li
  12. So does anyone have an opinion on what the significance of Verin saying that Tar is a third constant besides the creator and the dark one? When Egwene is in Tar and looking at the new window in the tower, an addition is made to the Aes Sedai Symbol. A white tear drop, a black fang, and a new symbol for Tar. This just seems to important to introduce without having some importance, especially this close to the end. I view any new concepts at this stage as explicitly important to the outcome of the books. I'm new to the theory threads so haven't really come up with anything good yet.
  13. I really don't know if there is something beyond the one power for the light side, but it would play into the whole balance concept. Moridin can be seen as the champion of evil while Rand is the champion of light, saidar to balance saiden, etc... I kind of view the Rand's new abilities of, an example is growing apples, as a counter of the dark ones power of destoying. The dark ones touch has caused plants and everything else to wither and Rand is now able to dissipate this effect and allow things to grow (creation). Maybe the reason so many apples appear in the orchard is that Rand's presen
  14. This is an assumption and you are free to take it as such, but couldn't a male channeler's strenght be seen as a time series with periodic constraints barring progression to higher levels. We know that male channelers do not gradually increase over time but in sudden bursts. With the graduated nature of saiden, couldn't the comparisome of a channeler's strength to Rand's be viewed as a comparison to Rand's strength at a set point in time? Feel free to correct me, but I don't remember there being a statement regarding the absolute maximum a person can achieve, just the current strength a man
  15. When I read Lan's last charge, I was reminded of the last charge of the Heart guard (not sure of the name, but the last charge of Manatherin against the horde of dreadlords and trollocs). Manatherin was fighting for their lives and their homeland; had sent out missives requesting aid; subsequently, no aid arrived; the remnant of Manatherin’s warriors charged a massive army that finally began crossing the river efficiently. At the time, many of the nations where divided and fighting on many fronts against the sudden surge of trollocs. It wasn't till after the death of Manatherin, did the nat
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