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Mat = Clint Eastwood


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Hey, from the "Totally Trivial" department...


I just finished watching "For a Few Dollars More," the spaghetti western staring Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef. And it struck me how RJ's imagry of Mat matched Clint in that movie.


For those who haven't seen it, Clint takes a wound in the neck and goes the last half of the movie with a black scarf tied tightly around his neck. And of course he wore his signature wide brimmed hat. I exclaimed "Hey it's Mat!"


Anyway... it's probably just a coincidence, but maybe it's a RJ homage to Clint and/or spaghetti westerns? And for the sake of coversation, has anyone else noticed similarities between movie imagery and RJ’s characters?



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Guest cwestervelt

Throw Hang 'Em High in there and you even get a half-lynched Clint Eastwood. Must admin I had to look up what one that occurred in. I got confused with Pale Rider for a minute.

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I'm just waiting to see a scene reminiscent of "Unforgiven" when William Munny returns to Greely's bar after Morgan Freeman's character "Ned" got killed.


My favorite line from that scene:


"He should have thought of that before he decorated his bar with my friend..."

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