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  1. I think that's pretty weak. I mean, how old is he, 60?
  2. 13 would have been a good number, but only if they all contained the same level of plot and character development as 1-6 That's a good way to phrase it. Sadly that level has not been achieved. Just saying there should be 13 books because its a "good number", well, there's a waste of my money.
  3. Yeah, I actually don't think he's in it for the money either. I think he just doesn't have a sence of what kind and how much worldbuilding is good for a story. There was some element we all liked about the start of the WoT that drew us in; I think RJ has devirged from that element (maybe because he doesn't understand what it really is). I know there are a lot of RJ fanatics who love to read about his sub-sideplots, no matter how pointless they seemingly are. That's fine. Enjoy. But for the rest of us, its ridiculous to expect that our attention will be held when there is so much awesome specul
  4. I was scared about Duke - when I was at work I checked the TV every so often, and they were ahead by 11 points at one time. Old Dominion lost! No! That's the only team whose gone down so far who I put into the sweet sixteen.
  5. Elite 8 Florida v. Oregon Kansas v. UCLA Texas v. Georgetown OSU v. Texas A&M Final Four Florida v. Kansas Georgetown v. Texas A&M National Championship Georgetown over Kansas P.S. Memphis had a soft year, so Nevada is going to make a big upset before losing to Texas A&M in the Sweet 16.
  6. Kansas wil choke on... Virginia Tech? I'm considering that now that the bracket is out.
  7. Haven't payed a whole lot of attention this year because Cincinnati stinks. I've always liked the Jayhawks, though. I will report back after the brackets come out. :!:
  8. Hmmm.. we get to rewrite history. I still support Alex.
  9. The problem I had was that there was a huge gap between when I read GotM and DG, so all the little societies were swirled togther in my memory. I didn't enjoy DG as much as I could have--but luckily by book three, firm ground was beneath me once again. and, mahn! good times were a comin'!
  10. So, who's going to win the AFC championship next year? It seems like that is all that matters... :lol:
  11. If the Colts were going to lose, it was last Sunday.
  12. Yeah, the Panthers and the Bengals are the biggest underachievers of the whole year. Good games this weekend: Colts vs. Ravens, Eagles vs. Saints, New England vs. San Diego. Tough calls, tough calls.
  13. You had New England move on. And I am having second doubts about Indy - I don't think its very likely that they will lose at home.
  14. I couldn't find a bracket anywhere, but I think my arrangment is right? if not, I'll change it later. AFC (yeah. the better conference) Kansas City -----------Kansas City Indy------------------San Diego -----------Sand Diego ---------------------------------San Diego -----------Baltimore NY Jets---------------New England -----------New England New England NFC Dallas -----------Seattle Seattle--------------New Orleans -----------New Orleans ---------------------------------New Orleans -----------Chicago NY Giants------------Chicago -----------NY Giants Phi
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