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  1. Please forgive me if i have misunderstood you here. But are you implying that you have fought for Al qaeda and that you support terrorists? Also the references to Christmas coming. Are you just excited about Christmas or is this some kind of insider terrorist joke about a forthcoming attack over the holiday period? This is not intended to offend, i was just wondering.
  2. Definately the Spammers - if they think that anyone on this site needs penis enhancers or help attracting women then they obviously dont know the average wheel of time reader. As for the books: It has to be the monumental obsession with describing the clothing of every character down to the most minute detail. Does anyone else get irate hearing about of the type of embroidery on the dress, how many slashes or pleats (whatever pleats are) it has, the puffiness of the arms, the cut of the cleavage (maybe i'll allow that one)the type of pearls in the hair, who actually gives a f*ck abou
  3. i might be missing a very obvious answer and feel free to tell me what an idiotic question this is. Here goes anyway. How come when the Forsaken are reborn after being killed they are automatically in adult bodies? Are they not literally reborn?
  4. Dont get me wrong, I have enjoyed the books immensely but i have now reached the point where i just want it all to end and if i dont get some closure i will personally assassinate robert jordan and his entire family.
  5. Correct me if im wrong, but if more men like you Crazymike (the vietnam vet who never saw any combat) had 'fought' in World War II then wouldnt we have come to the same conclusion. How about you learn to spell and stop talking crap. I dont know about anyone else, but I rather like the idea of 'sheathing a sword' through Crazymike's head.
  6. Could racha_giurgiu and jellybelly please direct all future comments to the junk-mail section of this site? Actually, they are not even worthy of the spam section. Please keep them to yourself.
  7. Point one: The purpose of the thread was to see how other people rated the forsaken, not to have my opinion criticised. Like I said, it is my opinion. I didn’t say it was right, it’s just the way I see it. If you haven’t got the imagination to do anything other than to find fault with other peoples points of view, then don’t bother posting a reply. Point two: If you are going to belittle my opinion, at least have the common sense to make sure your point is valid. 1st example: Hmm that’s interesting, isn’t that statement completely wrong, why yes, I believe it is. W
  8. The Forsaken are a quarrelsome bunch; always scheming and competing for the title of Nae'blis. We know the Dark Lord is a busy being. The destruction of the Wheel and the unravelling of the very fabric of reality, afterall, is no one man job. Therefore I have decided to help the big guy carry the burden. If the Forsaken were placed in a league, who and based on what attributes and achievements, would be the frontrunners for the top spot and who would languish at the bottom of the heap wallowing in their own self-loathing? Obviously some of the contenders have been balefired out of exis
  9. Past or present! is there any examples of how the forsaken are in combat? - i cant remember any.
  10. If you had the common sense to read the question it says past or present (did you miss that part!) The statement was made based on the assumption that both combatants would have all their limbs in tact.
  11. i think tam would be a contender - i definately think he could take rand.
  12. It would be utter genius if loial turned out to be a darkfriend. He could end up killing someone really close to rand e.g. min, elayne or avienda. Or pretty much anyone of his choosing, considering no one would ever suspect him. Imagine the if hed been biding his time, just waiting for the most devastating moment to pounce.
  13. Thanks, so its only ever been home to women who can channel? not men?
  14. isnt selucia just tuons maid or whatever the seachan have? i cant remeber her actually doing anything apart from glaring at people.
  15. this mite sound a dumb but when was the white tower founded? was it before of after the breaking?
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