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Well, I'm from the DMPSW roleplaying forums, and, since DM and its PSW have once again been reunited, I feel this is an awesome time to introduce myself!


I'm Marak, by the way, if you have a visual impairment that prevents you from looking at usernames. :P

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yah it's a community side.

We do reviews or projects or something depending on the org so that you get raised/promoted up the ranks in each org. We basically do some work and have alot of fun. It's not RP, it's just hanging out. You should check out the different ones to get a feel for how it is, then decide if you want to join one.

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No, if you really want to, you can join every single ORG if you wanted!


Check out each ORG. Some ORGs for are some people, others aren't. My best advise is to have a look at each one carefully before deciding which, if any, you are going to join!


Also, different ORGs have different themes. I know the Children of the Light are the Comedy ORG, just like the Band of the Red Hand is the Travel & Music ORG.


So my advise is to have a look at each one and then decide which ones you feel at home in and join them!


Of course, check out the Band of the Red Hand! ;) But I won't feel sad if you don't join! Just go where you feel you fit in the best!

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Guest Egwene

Hi, welcome Marak. Of course, you have already found the most important part...The Asmo thread!!! :D


...though you suggestion of a possible suspect is..ah..hmm....well, let's just say unusual....lol


I always thought Bela to be a decent hardworking trustworthy horse...


(Had to edit....picked the wrong smiley..)

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