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Humble request to all members

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Just a small request for everyone here:


PLEASE DO NOT POST ANY SPOILERS ON OTHER BOOKS. One single phrase can utterly destroy the suspense an author has built up over the whole story. Please refrain from putting spoilers on this forum on other books without a clear warning first. Elantris/Mistborn spoilers have been spotted on the forum.



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Thanks for the apology Lille, its all good. I'm just hoping I can get to see the last harry potter movie without any of it ruined. *crosses fingers* But hey im just glad that i was lucky enough not to have any of the WoT ruined before i read them all. THAT would have been disastrous!!!

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And I'd like to add that it probably isn't enough to just say "SPOILER ALERT..." because the thread reader will have to scroll over the post and so may read the spoiler anyway. They should like post it in a real small font size, so you have to copy and paste to read it. Like this: Hey, look at me, I'm a frog!

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Sorry 'bout the harry potter spoiler Dashiva. But there is this story about someone saying that out loud at a bookstore on release day, and someone screamed NO! and almost started to cry when he/she heard it.

LOL i love doing that at movie theartres on opening night... walk out talking really loud but just making ridiculous stuff up that doesnt happen and everyone is like "NOOOO"

ie.. walking out of LOTR and saying something like "oh yea frodo is a ringwraith now.. craziness... and gandalfs soul joined with some orcs and he is evil..." and all the noobs who didnt read the books were like "OHES NOES Y ARE YOU TELLING US"


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