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  1. I'm not completely certain, but I believe someone notable poster once advanced a theory that the Age of Legends might not be a separate age at all... But... The people who don't call it the third age would be the people who have no access to records or accounts that date as far back as "Age One"... or people who do not believe in the Wheel of Time (a very few, I imagine)... or people who do not believe the the Breaking of the World heralded the beginning of a new Age. To answer the second question... I don't believe it is stated clearly except perhaps in the BWB, which is supposedly
  2. Jordan's voice is his own, and Sanderson's voice is his own; and if either attempted to mimic the other, I don't believe they could ever hope to achieve the fullness of the alternate style. In my view, its best if Sanderson does the book in his own vein of writing, while somehow retaining a small Jordan-esque quality, enough of one to weave in the various authentically-done RJ portions without making any seams overly apparent.
  3. I think it wouldn't be too difficult to get a weave system in place with current gen consoles... Square, Triangle, Circle, X, and R-trigger would each be one of the elements. Weaving would be activated by the L-trigger, and a you would have to press buttons in certain combinations to create different weaves--combinations which increase in difficulty to match the complexity of the weave. Square might create a short burst of fire, but Square Square Triangle Circle X might create balefire. When the weave system is not activated, Square could be parry, Triangle could be fierce attack, O
  4. I've always imagined he'd look something like Michael Phelps:
  5. I've read all the way through. It's been a while since the last re-read, however, so I was going from memory and naturally I missed some things. But, as I said, I will revisit what I've written. I'm aware of that. How I managed to put her down as a Rebel is beyond me.
  6. Yeah, actually I'm planning on editing the stuff that I wrote above, to consider the people which I have previously put as having "not enough information on" or something like that, by searching the entire wheel of time text to see if their name is mentioned more... I'm planning on considering all channelers in the Tower vicinity (yes, I am going through every listed Aes Sedai), and maybe eventually all non-channelling servants in a separate piece. I would've completed the entire work, except I'll be working on it using two separate computers and posting what I have is an easy way to
  7. Yes, but RJ said that we could figure out who she is by the 9th book, and that we've seen her mentioned.
  8. Let's look at who she could be: Adeleas Namelle The Great Hunt, Chapter 22 Brown Ajah of the rebel Aes Sedai. Sister to Vandene, who looks almost exactly like her. In a CoS she was in Ebou Dar with Nynaeve and Elayne. She was killed at the end of PoD. Her throat was slit by an unknown assailant. It seemed to be done by someone in Elayne's group. Both her and Ispan were poisoned with crimsonthorn root in their tea. Dead, so therefore, not Mesaana Akarrin Lord of Chaos, Chapter 40 Brown Ajah of the rebel Aes Sedai. Slender. With the rebels th
  9. Unless I've missed something, if Tarna is eliminated isn't the only choice Danelle? Unless she is Mistress of the Kitchens or something. Lol.
  10. I'll have to reread KoD. At any rate, couldn't it be possible that the PoV was written in such a way as to hide her identity?
  11. But if there aren't many Aes Sedai who have children, then why is it considered that the main reason the channeling gene is being bred out is because the gentled men don't reproduce??
  12. It'd be pretty cool if Fain survives. Then, after the body swap happens, he kills Moridin thinking Moridin is Rand.
  13. Look, if I'm really skilled at wii tennis cause I play it a lot, and I challenge Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal to a game of doubles with me and another guy who plays wii tennis a lot, I might not beat them, but my experience and their experience definitely comes into play a lot, don't you think?
  14. He has a power wrought blade that never needs sharpening, doesn't he? Ontopic: I think Yurian whos posting below is correct. That is what I always believed it was refered to. Yes, it is a mistake in the text. Supposedly the newer editions of the book now have it corrected to be a belt knife being sharpened.
  15. Back on the old forums, I made a pretty lengthy post about who Mesaana is that took a look at every Aes Sedai mentioned in the books, and ultimately came to the conclusion that there were only two people who she could be... Tarna Feir, and Danelle.
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