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  1. I'm not completely certain, but I believe someone notable poster once advanced a theory that the Age of Legends might not be a separate age at all... But... The people who don't call it the third age would be the people who have no access to records or accounts that date as far back as "Age One"... or people who do not believe in the Wheel of Time (a very few, I imagine)... or people who do not believe the the Breaking of the World heralded the beginning of a new Age. To answer the second question... I don't believe it is stated clearly except perhaps in the BWB, which is supposedly written by Third Age historians. Also, what does it matter what Age it is called? The only reason it is called the "Second Age" is because Third Agers have access to records which recall a time before the "Second Age." Thus, one...two...three. Really, we have no way of knowing which Age it is. It could be the 1372nd age, which would really be the 7th Age of the 196th rotation.
  2. Jordan's voice is his own, and Sanderson's voice is his own; and if either attempted to mimic the other, I don't believe they could ever hope to achieve the fullness of the alternate style. In my view, its best if Sanderson does the book in his own vein of writing, while somehow retaining a small Jordan-esque quality, enough of one to weave in the various authentically-done RJ portions without making any seams overly apparent.
  3. I think it wouldn't be too difficult to get a weave system in place with current gen consoles... Square, Triangle, Circle, X, and R-trigger would each be one of the elements. Weaving would be activated by the L-trigger, and a you would have to press buttons in certain combinations to create different weaves--combinations which increase in difficulty to match the complexity of the weave. Square might create a short burst of fire, but Square Square Triangle Circle X might create balefire. When the weave system is not activated, Square could be parry, Triangle could be fierce attack, O could be swift attack, X could be leap, R-trigger could be the action button. The Right Analog stick would allow rolling, the Left Analog would allow movement of character (with sensitivity), the D-pad could hold quick-use inventory items (like potions), and Select would open the menu (inventory, skill tree, awards, etc).
  4. I've always imagined he'd look something like Michael Phelps:
  5. A mule is only half donkey. On its father's side (the mother is a horse). A dead one is one that has shuffled of its mortal coil, one that has ceased to be, an ex-mule, it's bereft of life, and it would be pushing up daisies of it wasn't nailed to its perch (mules do perch, honest). Or perhaps it's only stunned. RJ has hardly been afraid to maim his characters, has he? Indeed, when it serves the story he kills them off - the same as Martin. The difference is that GRRM has done it to major characters while RJ still has a use for his major characters, and so can only dispose of more minor ones. So I would say the principle difference is that Martin had some disposable major characters - characters important to the story, but who fulfill their roles and complete their own stories before the completion of the series. Perhaps RJ should have planned a couple of disposable major characters as well. What are you talking about? Randland is real. RJ just discovered a book written by Loial 9000 years ago, and he took his time in translation. Now Sanderson is using the key to translate the rest.
  6. I've read all the way through. It's been a while since the last re-read, however, so I was going from memory and naturally I missed some things. But, as I said, I will revisit what I've written. I'm aware of that. How I managed to put her down as a Rebel is beyond me.
  7. Yeah, actually I'm planning on editing the stuff that I wrote above, to consider the people which I have previously put as having "not enough information on" or something like that, by searching the entire wheel of time text to see if their name is mentioned more... I'm planning on considering all channelers in the Tower vicinity (yes, I am going through every listed Aes Sedai), and maybe eventually all non-channelling servants in a separate piece. I would've completed the entire work, except I'll be working on it using two separate computers and posting what I have is an easy way to trasmit it from one computer to the next.
  8. Yes, but RJ said that we could figure out who she is by the 9th book, and that we've seen her mentioned.
  9. Let's look at who she could be: Adeleas Namelle The Great Hunt, Chapter 22 Brown Ajah of the rebel Aes Sedai. Sister to Vandene, who looks almost exactly like her. In a CoS she was in Ebou Dar with Nynaeve and Elayne. She was killed at the end of PoD. Her throat was slit by an unknown assailant. It seemed to be done by someone in Elayne's group. Both her and Ispan were poisoned with crimsonthorn root in their tea. Dead, so therefore, not Mesaana Akarrin Lord of Chaos, Chapter 40 Brown Ajah of the rebel Aes Sedai. Slender. With the rebels therefore Not Mesaana Akoure Winter's Heart, Prologue Gray Ajah. Formerly of the Tower Aes Sedai. Now in the hands of the Asha'man. Bound to the Asha'man, not in the Tower, so clearly Not Mesaana Alanna Mosvani The Great Hunt, Chapter 4 Green Ajah. Her Warders are Ihvon , and Rand al'Thor. Dark and slender with waves of black hair, and a light in her eyes that spoke of a temper. One of the Aes Sedai who healed Mat. Bonded Rand as one of her Warders, and tried to use compulsion on him, but that didn't work out considering he was touching the True Source. During the Battle of Dumai's Wells she was made to kneel and swear fealty to Rand. Min saw a viewing in which she knows that Rand can trust her. Do you really think Rand could trust a Forsaken?Not Mesaana Alviarin Freidhen The Great Hunt, Chapter 12 Black Ajah, posing as a White. Former Keeper of the Chronicles under Elaida In CoT, she was removed from her position as Keeper of Chronicles by Elaida. Taking orders from Mesaana. Seriously. Not. Mesaana. Amico Nagoyin The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 25 Black Ajah. Slender and pretty, with a long neck and pale skin. The girls captured her at the end of DR, and she was cut off from the True Source. Died during the Trolloc invasion of the Stone. First, she's dead. Second, she fled the tower and there are no clues which indicate she is Mesaana. Not Mesaana. Anaiya The Great Hunt, Chapter 4 Blue Ajah of the rebel Aes Sedai. Dark Haired, and bluff faced. Former friend of Moiraine. One of the Aes Sedai who healed Mat. Has a lot of influence towards other Aes Sedai, even the Hall. Has sworn fealty to Egwene. In CoT she and her Warder Setagana were murdered. Nisao detected a resonance of Saidin around both of them, wich means Halima killed them. Murdered. Not Mesaana. Ananda The Shadow Rising, Chapter 1 Yellow Ajah. Died during the tower split. Killed. Not Mesaana Angla Lord of Chaos, Chapter 14 A novice of the rebel Aes Sedai.(?) She's with the rebels, plus novices don't wear silk.Not Mesaana Annoura Larisen A Crown of Swords, Chapter 5 Gray Ajah, was advisor for Colavaere when she was Queen of Caihrien. From Tarabon. Now advisor for Berelain. Not in the Tower, therefore Not Mesaana. Ashmanaille Lord of Chaos, Chapter 14 Gray Ajah of the rebel Aes Sedai. Lanky. A rebel. Not Mesaana Asne Zeramene The Shadow Rising, Chapter 38 Black Ajah posing as a Green. Dark tilted eyes, and a bold nose. She's mentioned once. RJ said we could figure out who Mesaana was. Not Mesaana. Beldeine Nyram A Crown of Swords, Chapter 25 Green Ajah of the Tower Aes Sedai. Captured at Dumai's Wells. She has sworn fealty to Rand. Not enough information to figure out if she is Mesaana Beldemaine Lord of Chaos, Chapter 30 Yellow Ajah. From Arafel. Plump and wears silver bells in her hair. Not enough information, therefore Not Mesaana Beonin The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 27 Gray Ajah of the rebel Aes Sedai. Dark honey hair, with blue-gray eyes so big that they make her appear startled. Doesn't believe anything until she sees it herself. Has a lot of influence towards other Aes Sedai, even the Hall. A rebel, therefore not Mesaana. Bera Harkin Lord of Chaos, Chapter 27 Green Ajah of the rebel Aes Sedai. Went to the Aiel waste with Kiruna assuming Rand was still there, while he was actually in Caemlyn. Brown hair cut close around a square face. During the Battle of Dumai's Wells she was made to kneel and swear fealty to Rand. Min saw a viewing in which she knows that Rand can trust her. Again, I doubt Rand could trust a Forsaken. Not Mesaana Berenicia Morsad Lord of Chaos, Chapter 41 Yellow Ajah of the rebel Aes Sedai. Part of the embassy in Caemlyn. A rebel, therefore Not Mesaana Berisha A Crown of Swords, Prologue Gray Ajah of the Tower Aes Sedai. Lean and hard-eyed. Not enough information. Not Mesaana Berylla Naron The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 18 Black Ajah. Black Ajah, therefore Not Mesaana Bharatine The Lord of Chaos, Chapter 14 Green Ajah of the rebel Aes Sedai. Makes rail thin look graceful, and a long nose elegant. A rebel, therefore Not Mesaana Bodewhin (Bode) Cauthon The Shadow Rising, Chapter 13 Mat's sister. Was taken prisoner in the Whitecloak camp, and later rescued by Perrin. Verin and Alanna took her to Salidar to become Aes Sedai. Born with the ability to channel, she is now a Novice with the rebel Aes Sedai. A rebel, therefore Not Mesaana Brendas The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 18 White Ajah of the rebel Aes Sedai. One of the Aes Sedai that healed Mat. A rebel, therefore Not Mesaana Cabriana Mecandes Lord of Chaos, Chapter 6 Blue Ajah An Aes Sedai who was tortured by Semirhage, for information on Salidar. Dead, so Not Mesaana Cadsuane Melaidhrin A Crown of Swords, Chapter 18 Green Ajah. No allegiance to either the Tower or the rebel Aes Sedai. A strikingly handsome woman. Iron-gray hair in a bun on top of her head, decorated with dangling gold ornaments (which might be some sort of angreal). From what is said in a CoS she is over 270 years old. She has worn the shawl longer than any other Aes Sedai living. Most thought she was dead, until she appeared in Caihrien. Most Aes Sedai look up to her, and she can pretty much take control of any situation. Rand has a problem trusting her, but that seems to be resolved at the end of Winter's Heart. Not in the tower, therefore Not Mesaana Calindin Lord of Chaos, Chapter 14 An Accepted with the rebel Aes Sedai. Has been Accepted for over ten years.(ouch!) From Tarabon. Her black hair is in a multitude of thin braids. A rebel, therefore Not Mesaana Careane Fransi A Crown of Swords, Chapter 30 Green Ajah. Not quite stout, but shoulders as wide, and arms as thick as any mans. Despite her heft she moves like a swan. Her Warder is Ciaryl Arjuna. Currently she is Caemlyn. A suspect in Adeleas's murder. In Caemlyn, therefore Not Mesaana Carlinya The Great Hunt, Chapter 4 White Ajah of the rebel Aes Sedai. Has a lot of influence towards other Aes Sedai, even the Hall. A rebel, therefore Not Mesaana Chesa Lord of Chaos, Chapter 36 Egwene's personal maid. Plumply pretty, with a twinkle in her eye. A rebel, therefore Not Mesaana Chesmal Emry The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 25 Black Ajah. A rebel, therefore Not Mesaana Coiren Saeldain Lord of Chaos, Prologue Gray Ajah. Of the Tower Aes Sedai. Plump and pompous. Leader of the Tower Embassy that went to Caihrien. Also responsible for kidnapping Rand and trying to take him to the Tower. Captured at the Battle of Dumai's Wells. Not in the Tower, therefore Not Mesaana Corele Hovian A Crown of Swords, Chapter 19 Yellow Ajah. From Murandy. Boyishly thin with thick, black eyebrows, and a mass of raven hair that made her look wild. She bonded Damer Flinn as her Warder. Not in the tower, therefore Not Mesaana Covarla Baldene A Crown of Swords, Chapter 32 Red Ajah. Of the Tower Aes Sedai. Part of the group that kidnapped Rand. She escaped the Battle of Dumai's Wells and returned to Tar Valon to report to Elaida . I don't really think Mesaana would have personally gone with the embassy to capture Rand, isn't that kind of risky? Therefore Not Mesaana Dagdara Finchey The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 50 Yellow Ajah. Wider than any man, and taller than most. Graying hair, which marks considerable age among Aes Sedai. Old, ugly, and not enough information, therefore Not Mesaana Daigian Moseneillin A Crown of Swords, Chapter 19 White Ajah. From Caihrien. A plump, pale woman who wears a thin silver chain in her long black hair, with a moonstone hanging in the middle of her forehead. She has taken Eben Hopwil as her Warder. Not even in the Tower, therefore Not Mesaana Danelle The Fires of Heaven, Prologue Brown Ajah, of the Tower Aes Sedai. Often lost in a dream. Big blue eyes. A solitary woman with no friends even in her own Ajah. Could be Mesaana. The description fits, it would be ideal that Mesaana pick someone who had few friends. I'll do more later. I am tired.
  10. Unless I've missed something, if Tarna is eliminated isn't the only choice Danelle? Unless she is Mistress of the Kitchens or something. Lol.
  11. I'll have to reread KoD. At any rate, couldn't it be possible that the PoV was written in such a way as to hide her identity?
  12. But if there aren't many Aes Sedai who have children, then why is it considered that the main reason the channeling gene is being bred out is because the gentled men don't reproduce??
  13. It'd be pretty cool if Fain survives. Then, after the body swap happens, he kills Moridin thinking Moridin is Rand.
  14. Look, if I'm really skilled at wii tennis cause I play it a lot, and I challenge Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal to a game of doubles with me and another guy who plays wii tennis a lot, I might not beat them, but my experience and their experience definitely comes into play a lot, don't you think?
  15. He has a power wrought blade that never needs sharpening, doesn't he? Ontopic: I think Yurian whos posting below is correct. That is what I always believed it was refered to. Yes, it is a mistake in the text. Supposedly the newer editions of the book now have it corrected to be a belt knife being sharpened.
  16. Back on the old forums, I made a pretty lengthy post about who Mesaana is that took a look at every Aes Sedai mentioned in the books, and ultimately came to the conclusion that there were only two people who she could be... Tarna Feir, and Danelle.
  17. Is that more in the later books, or is that in the first book as well? Just asking cause in WoT the sex scenes don't show up til the 5th book, which I assume is just from how the story line developed, but I think RJ also used the "sex scenes", however vague they may be, to maintain interest. Does Martin do that? EDIT: Wow, 10 pages into the book and you get a bloody fight scence! I will assume that continues throughout the whole book... :P And yes GF, that definitely helped a great deal, thank you! If that is the case, I'm most likely going to prefer RJ as a writer as well, I'm not a huge fan of extremely graphic writing. And obviously I am much more at home with RJ's writing as well :P The graphic sexual depictions begin with the first book. Within 5 chapters or so, you have (GRAPHIC DEPICTION) Martin describing a woman holding a man's seed within her (END GRAPHIC DEPICTION). And while that may not seem like so much, trust me when I say that is the least graphic it gets.
  18. Yes, but we've seen that the Dark One is not aware of everything, perhaps unable to see past the world of the physical and into peoples' thoughts. If that is the case, might Rand be able to enter the body of Moridin and be given access to the True Power by an ignorant Dark One? Of course this is just to revive the debate; I don't actually believe this will happen.
  19. LOL. That was just me doing my best imitation of some of the uninformed posts I've seen on these forums. Though I'm sure they were joking, when a few people resurrected the "Taim is Demandred" belief, I was reminded of how blind some people can be.
  20. Compulsion wouldn't work the normal way. The strong-minded can fight it. It would have to be by bonding. She needs to be bound to do a series of really pesky and trivial things. Like "You must make you bed and unmake it at least 7 times before the sun rises, using both sheets as well as the comforter. You must trim the nails of you index and forefinger before any whites show, but the others you cannot touch. You must shave your eyebrows weekly. You must never use the One Power except in defense of a crop of ta'bac."
  21. Are you kidding? If the DO can do the reverse-gender thing with Halima or Aran'gar (the reincarnation of Beidomon), then why not with Moridin.
  22. Hey, I know this was a couple pages back, but if Min's viewings are tied to the soul and not the body, then how is it that she doesn't see further than the death of the body and on into their next lives??
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